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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.01.15] horror documentary

Rodney Ascher broke onto the scene with his documentary Room 237 (review) which was all about the crazy theories and interpretations of Stanley Kubrick's horror classic "The Shining" that some folks have obsessed about over the years. His latest doc, The Nightmare, take a look at a frightening condition that plagues thousands; sleep paralysis. [Continue reading]

quietearth [Celluloid 05.01.15] cult arthouse avant-garde

Crypt TV have exclusively released Eli Roth's student film Restaurant Dogs, a very strange affair and oddly fascinating look inside the creative mind of a filmmaker that went on to be one of the biggest names in horror. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.01.15] post apocalyptic action thriller

"George may ask you to do things that seem insane..." you think? [Continue reading]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.30.15] scifi horror cult thriller

The remake of Vincenzo Natali's CUBE is moving along quickly now at Lionsgate. Director Saman Kesh,who caught everyone's eye with his short film Controller (below) is now attached to direct the film called "Cubed," describes as "a re-imagining of the original movie." [Continue reading (4 comments)]

quietearth [Celluloid 04.30.15] horror action adventure

This October, Vin Diesel will battle the most horrifying witches in history in the action-packed fantasy film, THE LAST WITCH HUNTER directed by Breck Eisner (The Crazies). [Continue reading (1 comment)]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.30.15] scifi horror

So, dying to get back behind the camera, Abbess went back to Australia to make Infini, a sci-fi/horror affair from his own script, with an emotional centre - something he could be proud of. [Continue reading]

quietearth [Celluloid 04.29.15] post apocalyptic action

Let's face it, the cars are as much characters in Mad Max as the actual characters are. Hacked and reformed into something else entirely, these badass cars are perfect for traversing the desert wasteland. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

quietearth [Celluloid 04.29.15] horror

The first teaser trailer for Some Kind of Hate, the highly anticipated first feature from Adam Egypt Mortimer, has dropped and it looks intense. [Continue reading]

Christopher Webster [DVD News 04.29.15] cult thriller drama adventure

Harry Hook's 1990 adapt of Lord of the Flies was a very important film for me growing up. All in, I probably watched it more than Star Wars or Back to the Future, which is saying something. I was just so absolutely mesmerized by the brutality and honesty of the story. Espceially in film, you just don't get children portrayed so honestly. [Continue reading (2 comments)]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.28.15] post apocalyptic action thriller

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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.28.15] post apocalyptic

We love Ballard around these parts. From "Drowned World" to "High-Rise," "Crash" to "Concrete Island," Ballard is easily one of the most consistently thought provoking writers of the twentieth century. But, did you know the author REALLY liked The Road Warrior (ie. Mad MAx 2)? Yep, in fact, when Max Max 2 was released, J.G. Ballard proclaimed it "punk’s Sistine... [Continue reading (1 comment)]

quietearth [Cathode Ray Mission 04.28.15] fantasy

Two magicians shall appear in England... [Continue reading]

Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 04.27.15] scifi

Add this to the many things I didn't know: Alejandro Jodorowsky, the director of such surreal masterpieces as El Topo and The Holy Mountain, and the subject of the recent documentary Jodorowsky's Dune wrote two episodes of the Heavy Metal television series, Metal Hurlant Chronicles. [Continue reading (4 comments)]

quietearth [Celluloid 04.27.15] Norway apocalyptic action thriller

In 1934 the small Norwegian community of Tafjord was struck by a small, but not insignificant, tsunami that was triggered by a landslide. It cause so much devastation that the area has been consumed with the fear of it happening again ever since. [Continue reading]

quietearth [Celluloid 04.27.15] post apocalyptic zombies comedy

Guys, if you haven't seen Infestation (review) get on it. The giant bug-pocalypse movie is hilarious and we've been waiting for Kyle Rankin's big return for years now. Night of the Living Deb, the director's new zombie comedy seems like it might just be it. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.27.15] post apocalyptic apocalyptic scifi horror action cult thriller fantasy adventure

Brazil's Fantaspoa Film Fest has revealed the first wave of films selected for their upcoming eleventh edition, running from May 15th through the 31st. Latin America's largest genre film festival, which takes place annually in Porto Alegre, will announce their full line-up, consisting of more than 100 films, next weekend. [Continue reading]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.26.15] post apocalyptic scifi action thriller adventure

There's no denying the impact George Miller's second Mad Max movie had on science fiction cinema after its release in 1982. Whether you knew it as Mad Max 2, or The Road Warrior, as it was called overseas, it was likely unlike anything you'd seen before. [Continue reading (11 comments)]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.24.15] scifi horror thriller

Australian director Shane Abbess is back and kicking some major ass with Infini, his new science fiction/horror flick opening May 8 on VOD and in Theatres. [Continue reading (2 comments)]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.23.15] horror thriller

It's been a long time since M. Night Shyamalan directed anything good and though his adaptation of "Wayward Pines" is looking pretty promising, I can't say the same thing for The Visit. [Continue reading (2 comments)]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.23.15] horror

Before writer/director Oren Peli started writing sequels to his breakout hit Paranormal Activity and producing all sorts of found footage movies, he wrote and directed Area 51. The found footage thriller about a group of conspiracy buffs breaking into the infamous Area 51 in search of what the government is hiding, was picked up by Paramount more than five years ago b... [Continue reading (4 comments)]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.23.15] action drama crime

You may already be familiar with gangster Whitey Bulger and if not, here's the run-down: Bulger was number 2 on America's Most Wanted list (right after Osama Bin Laden). He was a mob hitman who Boston for years and he wasn't even quiet about it. The police knew he was a mobster, he was responsible for the deaths of over a dozen victims and no one in law enforcement ba... [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.22.15] Japan action vampires

Japanese director Takashi Miike has made some pretty weird movies in his time but his latest, the crazy sounding Yakuza Apocalypse, definitely ranks right up there with the strangest of the strange. [Continue reading (3 comments)]

quietearth [Celluloid 04.22.15] United Kingdom action thriller

London born film star Mem Ferda (A Life of Violence, Breakdown) has signed to feature in a new gambling thriller called A Punter's Prayer. It will be the debut feature of director Savvas D. Michael. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.21.15] Poland drama history arthouse

If you've seen any of writer/director Lech Majewski's previous movies, I'm particularly fond of The Mill and the Cross (review), you know more or less what to expect from Field of Dogs: a movie that will be beautiful, contemplative and sometimes downright slow to the point where your mind starts to wander. I think there's a certain magic to the flow of thoughts that e... [Continue reading]

quietearth [DVD News 04.21.15] post apocalyptic scifi horror action cult thriller adventure art avant-garde

Ana Lily Amirpour's Iranian Vampire Western, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, stunned audiences last year and with good reason. I was fortunate enough to screen the film early and with it's stark B&W photography and impeccable sense of aesthetic and atmosphere it was quite an experience. [Continue reading]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.20.15] post apocalyptic zombies horror action thriller

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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.20.15] horror thriller

After a string of belly flops of epic proportions in After Earth, The Last Airbender and the critically maligned The Happening, M. Night Shyamalan will be working with a much smaller budget for his next film The Visit. [Continue reading]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.20.15] fantasy experimental

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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.20.15] Spain horror

The first trailer for Rafa Martínez's Sweet Home suggested some horrific things to come but the movie's plot was still mostly a mystery. What we could discern from our first look was that it involved a couple, an abandoned building and some unwelcome party crashers. [Continue reading]

quietearth [Celluloid 04.20.15] post apocalyptic apocalyptic thriller

Trolling Netflix Canada for something interesting, I stumbled upon a real apocalyptic gem, FLU (2013). This Korean film (with English subtitles) tells the story of an outbreak of a deadly new strain of avian influenza that appears certain to infect 50% of the population and kill most of them. It’s contained in Bundang, a suburb of Seoul, but for how long? Can ... [Continue reading (2 comments)]

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