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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.10.18] United Kingdom scifi animation thriller

Writer/director Álvaro García really impressed with his post-apocalyptic short film debut Sumer (see the film) and now García is back with his highly anticipated follow-up The Seed of Juna. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.10.18] scifi action

Godzilla is back in a really big way. Admittedly, it's never really gone away but over the last few years, it seems that the famous monster has been making more appearances than usual. [Continue reading]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.07.18] scifi horror thriller

Hulu’s “Into the Dark” is off to a strong start. The series, co-produced by Blumhouse, features brand new feature film every single month for an entire year with wach episode is holiday-themed, with the first two tackling Halloween and Thanksgiving. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.07.18] thriller drama

Adapted from Tawni O'Dell's best-selling novel of the same name by O'Dell herself and acclaimed writer/director Adrian Lyne (Fatal Atraction, Jacob's Ladder, Unfaithful), Back Roads stars Pettyfer as Harley Altmyer, a young 20-something who has been left to care for his three younger sisters after his mother is convicted of murdering their father. Harley is doing hi... [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.07.18] thriller

Writer/director Henry Dunham made a splash among critics and film fans alike earlier this year when his feature film debut The Standoff at Sparrow Creek made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Film Festival 12.05.18] Canada drama

What one can't prepare for is Beaulieu's in-your-face approach to female sexuality which , even in films which focus on women and their sex lives, never quite reach this level of openness and it can be unnerving. Thankfully, Beaulieu doesn't hide her approach and it's abundantly clear from the film's opening sequence that Les Salopes will embrace female sexuality i... [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Film Festival 12.05.18] Canada drama

Fraught with past troubles including a mother who abandoned her followed by a series of problem-ridden foster homes, Natalie (AKA Honey Bee), finds herself in the throes of a "relationship" with a pimp who manages her along with three other girls. She's clearly the favourite-of-the-moment but that doesn't exempt her from going to work. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 12.04.18] scifi horror action thriller adventure

A sinister unidentified flying object plummeting to Earth changes our view of humanity and life beyond our planet in the thrilling new sci-fi spectacular Attraction. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.03.18] scifi arthouse

Attention Prospect fans and sci-fi fans alike! If you're a Seattle resident (or live nearby) you're definitely going to want to make the trip to the Glass Box Gallery from December 6 thru January to take in a very cool science fiction themed exhibit called "Artifacts from the Multiverse" curated by Chris Caldwell and Zeek Earl, directors of the film. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.01.18] thriller drama mystery

Meredith Danluck is best known for her work directing documentaries but for her feature film debut, the thriller State Like Sleep, she's coming out swinging. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Film Festival 11.30.18] Canada thriller mystery

Woodland stars Richard Harmon ("The 100") as Jake, the struggling photojournalist. Almost immediately upon arrival, he finds a place he converts to a darkroom; the process of developing his photos seems to bring him a bit of peace in an otherwise haunted existence. His partner is Sparky (Philip Granger), the ageing caretaker who is getting too old to do some of the ... [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Film Festival 11.30.18] Canada documentary

In the nearly two decades of work, Boll earned the moniker of worst director of his generation but is it deserved? [Continue reading]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.29.18] book scifi horror action thriller adventure

In this special bonus edition of The Quietcast, I talk to Alex White about his Alien tie-in novel, "Alien: The Cold Forge" as well as the Alien franchise as a whole. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.28.18] thriller drama

The knee-jerk reaction at the opening moments of the trailer for Jen McGowan's Rust Creek is a groan; here's yet another movie about a woman who gets stranded in the backcountry only to be found by a couple of locals who turn out to be killers. Thankfully, this is not that movie. [Continue reading]

John Connor [DVD News 11.28.18] scifi horror action cult thriller mystery adventure

Searching is a hyper-modern thriller told via the technology devices we use every day to communicate. In it, David must trace his daughter’s digital footprints before she disappears forever. [Continue reading]

Christopher Webster [Contests 11.27.18] book scifi adventure

Over the past few decades, John Eaves has had a major impact on the look of the Star Trek Universe and played a pivotal role in shaping Gene Roddenberry's vision. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.26.18] action thriller

Seems like Liam Neeson can't catch a break on screen; something is constantly happening to his family and he's having to save them (except in Widows - and if you haven't seen that yet, you need to do yourself a favour and rectify that sooner rather than later) but in the case of Cold Pursuit it's too late for rescuing and instead, he's avenging the death of his son. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.26.18] horror comedy thriller

To follow-up his outstanding debut feature The Eyes of My Mother (review), writer/director Nicolas Pesce has tackled another horror project, this time adapting a novel from Japanese author Ryû Murakami. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

John Connor [Celluloid 11.21.18] scifi fantasy

Netflix has released the trailer for a wild looking Turkish fantasy action series called The Protector. The series stars Çagatay Ulusoy as Hakan, a man given supernatural powers by a mysterious talisman. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Cathode Ray Mission 11.21.18] Germany thriller mystery crime

Patrick Süskind's novel "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" has already yielded one excellent adaptation in Tom Tykwer's outstanding movie of the same name but the concept of Süskind's book is being revamped for a new project simply titled "Perfume." [Continue reading (1 comment)]

John Connor [DVD News 11.20.18] scifi horror action cult thriller

Music icon David Byrne was inspired by tabloid headlines to make his sole foray into feature-film directing with True Stories, an ode to the extraordinariness of ordinary American life and a distillation of what was in his own idiosyncratic mind. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.20.18] action adventure

From early in his career, Robert Rodriguez has been pushing boundaries and though at first, he pushed them out of necessity, he now seems to be pushing them both to challenge himself and the art of filmmaking. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.19.18]

This may be kicking a dead horse but I have to admit, it's also kind of a genius attempt to squeeze a little more money from a movie that's already made a ton of it. Just in time for Christmas, Deadpool 2 is coming back to theatres; a PG-13 cut lovingly titled Once Upon a Deadpool. [Continue reading]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.16.18] scifi horror

The original screenplay for William Gibson's unmade Alien 3 has been adapted into a comic by Dark Horse and you can take a look right here. [Continue reading (3 comments)]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.15.18] cyberpunk scifi action thriller adventure

Robert Roderiguez is under amazing pressure to bring James Cameron's vision for Alita: Battle Angel to the screen. And while I still can't quite embrace the lead character's synthetic qualities, the film looks bigger and better with each new trailer. [Continue reading (2 comments)]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.15.18] Spain thriller

Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, best known for his award-winning features A Separation and The Salesman, has taken a new direction with his latest project Everybody Knows. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [DVD News 11.14.18] horror

Blue Underground has announced that they will be releasing a limited edition 4K restoration of the horror classic Maniac directed by William Lustig and featuring the special effects of gore master Tom Savini. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.14.18] Singapore action western

Earlier this year we saw there release of an Indonesian western in Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts (trailer) and now we have another western from an unlikely country: Singapore. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.13.18] horror thriller

Bloody Ballet tells the story of Adriana, a ballerina with a tormented past. When she lands the lead role in the Nutcracker, her carefully curated world begins to fall apart. The dark memories of her parent's death begin to wreak havoc on her psyche, members of her dance company turn up dead in the same horrific manner as her parents and neither her friends, her lov... [Continue reading (4 comments)]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.13.18] France action

It was only a matter of time before someone remade Three Kings. Admittedly, this isn't technically a remake of anything since it's a pretty different story but the concept is the same: a group of military guys break all the rules to make themselves rich. [Continue reading (4 comments)]

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