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Simon Read [Celluloid 04.20.20] Russia comedy drama

Through flashbacks we learn more about our players. Andrey is a corrupt cop with more than a few skeletons in his closet; Olya's motivations are less about revenge than sheer avarice; and when Andrey's partner, Yevgenich (Michael Gor) arrives on the scene, we discover a deep treachery between the two men. It seems only Matvey, increasingly out of his depth, is the o... [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.17.20] thriller drama crime

Writer/director Scott Teems is clearly interested in stories redemption. His feature film debut That Evening Sun focused on a farmer returning home to deal with a family secret. He spent a season on TV's "Rectify" which focuses on the drama of a man putting his life back together after spending nearly 20 years on death row. [Continue reading]

David House [Celluloid 04.17.20] scifi comedy

This wild and wacky tale centers on Chip Gutchel, an ordinary man, married with an infant son and a job working as the IT guy at a fun family firm. Chip seems to be bored and simply going through the motions in his daily life until he has a surprising awakening during a routine prostate exam. OUCH, this will only hurt for a second. [Continue reading]

John Connor [DVD News 04.15.20] scifi horror action thriller adventure

What would you do if going outside meant being killed by a raging hurricane, but staying indoors meant being hacked to pieces by a sickle wielding maniac? Arrow Video presents The Wind, from prolific genre filmmaker Nico Mastorakis, the director behind such cult classics as Hired to Kill and Island of Death. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

John Connor [Celluloid 04.15.20] horror

RLJE Films, a business unit of AMC Networks, has picked up select rights to Shudder’s, AMC Networks’ streaming service for horror, thriller and the supernatural, CREEPSHOW Season 1, which releases on June 2, 2020 on Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 04.14.20] post apocalyptic horror

While I wasn't much of a fan of B. Luciano Barsuglia’s Zombie Farm, Impact Event is the kind of apocalyptic horror movie that might be fun to catch on DVD or VOD. [Continue reading]

David House [Celluloid 04.14.20] horror

Early in the film we meet sisters Claire and Olivia, who have just lost their mother in a tragic accident. Since their father is working abroad and can't be reached they are delivered to their mother's family home to be cared for by their estranged Aunt Beth who they've never met. Aunt Beth is distant and decidedly unfriendly when they arrive, saying she doesn't wan... [Continue reading]

John Connor [Cathode Ray Mission 04.09.20] post apocalyptic scifi

In 1992 FOX made a post-apocalyptic show based on Gilligan's Island called Woops! The series didn't live past one season, but you can check out the pilot below. [Continue reading (3 comments)]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.09.20] Ireland (Republic of) scifi horror thriller

The time is always right for a creature movie. In good times it's fun to get cozy with a loved one and get a little frightened together. In bad times, it's reassuring to see people working together to defeat a common evil, real or perceived. The most effective of these are the stories that focus on the individuals, their motivation and how the decisions they make affe... [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 04.02.20] post apocalyptic zombies horror

Four years after South Korea’s total decimation in TRAIN TO BUSAN, the zombie thriller that captivated audiences worldwide, acclaimed director Yeon Sang-ho brings us PENINSULA, the next nail-biting chapter in his post-apocalyptic world. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 04.01.20] scifi horror thriller

Gunpowder & Sky, through its sci-fi label DUST, will bring audiences the ultimate at-home experience to be the first to participate in the live stream premiere of the sci-fi thriller SEA FEVER, followed by a Q&A with the film’s stars Hermione Corfield (Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation), Connie Nielsen (Wonder Woman 1984, Gladiator) an... [Continue reading (1 comment)]

John Connor [Celluloid 03.31.20] scifi horror action thriller adventure

In VFW, a typical night for a group of war veterans at the local VFW turns into an all-out battle for survival when a teenage girl runs into the bar with a bag of stolen drugs. Suddenly under attack from a gang of punk mutants looking to get back what’s theirs – at any cost – the vets use every weapon they can put together to protect the girl, and th... [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 03.26.20] action thriller fantasy adventure

King's Gambit is a fantasy drama from the mind of Joseph Sayer. Sayer wrote and produced this feature, which follows a Herald and his mystical journal. His notebook has the ability to change global events and this power brings a legion of adversaries. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 03.24.20] apocalyptic scifi action cult thriller western dystopic

The Archivist, a genre blending dystopian western with strong influences from Sergio Leone, Roger Corman, Monte Hellman films and a soundtrack inspired by Ennio Morricone and 70's rock, depicts a bizarre near-future totalitarian society where “the past is forbidden and memories are treason" and bloodthirsty government agents called “archivists” scour... [Continue reading (3 comments)]

John Connor [Celluloid 03.20.20] thriller crime

American Terrorist is a thriller from director Charles Kopelson and writer John Buffalo Mailer. Mailer also stars in the film, which takes place in the aftermath of the September 11th bombings. With a tense atmosphere, two brothers must deal with the tragic events in very different ways. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 03.12.20] thriller crime

Stray Dolls is the creation of Sonejuhi Sinha, an acclaimed new filmmaker who's debut crime film was nominated for Best Narrative Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

John Connor [Celluloid 03.11.20] post apocalyptic scifi horror action thriller adventure

In the Safdi Brothers' Uncut Gems, A charismatic jeweler (Adam Sandler) makes a high-stakes bet that could lead to the windfall of a lifetime. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.10.20] Canada zombies horror drama

When it comes to zombie entertainment, I'm as jaded as they come. I gave up on the TV offerings long ago and for the most part, the movies feel like rehashes of the same old ideas and while occasionally there's an interesting take on the material, it's been a long time since something truly unique came out of the genre. Enter Blood Quantum (review). [Continue reading]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.10.20] thriller adventure

Blumhouse's controversial political satire The Hunt released this week after being shelved a few months back. The film from Craig Zoebel (Z for Zachariah) and writer Damon Lindelof (Prometheus) follows a a group of rich, "Liberal elites" who hunt down "Deplorables" for fun. [Continue reading (2 comments)]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.10.20] Ireland (Republic of) horror cult thriller drama

Polish director Malgorzata Szumowska has been on a tear over the last few years with a succession of projects recently completed or currently in production. One of those films is The Other Lamb, a drama with overtones of horror that made the festival rounds late last year after a premiere at TIFF. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.10.20] Ireland (Republic of) scifi thriller

Irish writer/director Neasa Hardiman started her career in the world of documentaries but for the last few years she's been on a deep-dive into TV, shooting everything from teen dramas ("Tracy Beaker Returns") and crime dramas ("Happy Valley") to superheroes ("Inhumans" and "Jessica Jones"), but for her sophomore effort, Hardiman is directing an original script she al... [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 03.10.20] anime scifi animation thriller

On Planet Latimer, everything is temporary, but honor is forever. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.07.20] apocalyptic drama

Takashi Doscher's third narrative feature, the film unfolds in a nearby future where Eva (Freida Pinto) and Will (Leslie Odom Jr.), newly dating, are having a night in when strange ash starts to fall from the sky. There's no explanation for what's causing this odd snow but almost immediately after it begins, women, including Eva's roommate, begin to get sick and die... [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 03.05.20] horror

As Lovcraftian horror continues to rise in popularity what with The Color out of Space and countless new horror video games taking on the sub-genre, Steven Kostanski's smash indie The Void remains one of the better of such films of recent memory. [Continue reading (2 comments)]

John Connor [Celluloid 03.03.20] anime cyberpunk scifi thriller dystopic

The world of Altered Carbon is getting "re-sleeved" on March 19 with an all new anime that brings even more action, mystery, and cyberpunk goodness than ever before. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Cathode Ray Mission 02.28.20] scifi

Inspired by the wondrous paintings of Simon Stålenhag, Tales from the Loop explores the mind-bending adventures of the people who live above the Loop, a machine built to unlock and explore the mysteries of the universe – making things previously relegated to science fiction, possible. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 02.27.20] scifi horror

Darker Colours is a supernatural horror short from Red Giant and writer/director Seth Worley ("Old/New", "Plot Device"). [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 02.25.20] scifi horror action thriller

After a meteorite lands in the front yard of their farm, Nathan Gardner (Nicolas Cage) and his family find themselves battling a mutant extraterrestrial organism as it infects their minds and bodies, transforming their quiet rural life into a living nightmare. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 02.25.20] scifi

Madman Entertainment in Australia is going to be releasing The War of the Worlds (1953) on Blu-ray on 5/27. The 4K restoration was available on itunes for a time, but this marks the film's first physical release in 4k. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 02.24.20] scifi experimental arthouse avant-garde

Last and First Men is a film directed by the late Icelandic musician / composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, who passed away in 2018. [Continue reading (3 comments)]

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