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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.05.18] Canada scifi action adventure

There's been a recent trend of stunt coordinators making the move from performers to directors and the results have been largely successful (ahem John Wick and Atomic Blonde) and the trend is also spreading through the indie world and most recently, turning James Mark. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.05.18] thriller drama

Claire Foy is going to be everywhere this year with no less than three projects due for release. The British actress who already has a long resume, made a big splash internationally with her turn as Elizabeth II in Netflix's The Crown but she's shedding the hats and handbags, along with her accent, for Unsane. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.05.18] Canada zombies drama

It seems like Netflix's commitment to spending $500 million in Canadian content over the next five years is already starting to pay off for Canadian films. [Continue reading]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.05.18] apocalyptic scifi thriller

You can now stream The Cloverfield Paradox on Netflix. What a world we live in. Yesterday evening during the Super Bowl, Paramount and Bad Robot revealed the trailer for the Cloverfield sequel along with the revelation that fans would be able to stream the film that very night following the game. Heads exploded. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 02.05.18] scifi action adventure

The galaxy's most notorious smuggler is getting his own movie as part of Disney's ongoing Star Wars Story experiment. After much drama behind the scenes, long-time friend to Lucasfilm Ron Howard stepped in to finish the film which now gets its first trailer following the Super Bowl. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

John Connor [DVD News 02.01.18] scifi horror action cult thriller mystery adventure

Sorry we're late on this latest release breakdown, blu-ray buffs. We'll just right in though with our first release which is of course the most exciting... THREADS! [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 02.01.18] scifi horror

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John Connor [Celluloid 01.31.18] horror

Director Jason Horton’s (Monsters in the Woods) The Campus will be releasing through Video-on-demand tomorrow. The indie horror puts Morgan (Rachel Amanda Bryant) in a demonic limbo, after her father makes a deal with the Devil. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 01.30.18] horror

The feature debut of Ari Aster and starring Toni Collette, Hereditary was a smash hit out of Sundance with many reviewers calling it one of the scariest films in a long time. [Continue reading]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.30.18] scifi thriller drama mystery dystopic dieselpunk

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quietearth [Celluloid 01.29.18] zombies scifi horror drama

After an endless torrent of low production zombie flicks shot in forests and abandoned warehouses without even an insincere attempt at color grading to look even remotely professional, we finally have something you can show to that friend who is always resistant to anything in the zombie genre due to it's severe malnutrition of originality. But before you start chompi... [Continue reading]

Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 01.29.18] horror

AMC's new series The Terror, based on Dan Simmons' historical horror novel of the same name, will have a two-hour series premiere on Monday, March 26 at 9 p.m. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 01.29.18] scifi horror

Word is that a World War 2 thriller originally titled Overlord from director Julius Avery (Son of a Gun) is actually the fourth installment of the Cloververse and it's already complete. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 01.29.18] action thriller adventure history

Ted Geoghegan came to our attention a couple years ago with the release of the highly effective haunter We Are Still Here. Now he returns with a very different tale about an Native Amercian hero. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 01.26.18] horror thriller mystery

British actor and producer Mem Ferda has joined forces with producer Jon Silverberg and Andy Hodgson to complete the haunting new thriller Crypto starring Richard Harmon (The 100 , The Age of Adaline) and Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG-1). [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.25.18] thriller

While we eagerly anticipate Panos Cosmatos' Mandy which, since its premiere at Sundance, has been labelled the unequivocal "mad" Nicolas Cage performance, we've got a first look at one of Cage's most recent projects Looking Glass. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

Marina Antunes [Cathode Ray Mission 01.25.18] post apocalyptic

It seems that with the success of "The Handmaid's Tale," Canadian author Margaret Atwood has, seemingly overnight, become one of the hottest authors in Hollywood; or at least her PA novels have. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.24.18] Canada thriller

Around these parts, we're pretty big fans of RKSS, the Canadian directing collaborative of Anouk Whissell, Francois Simard, and Yoann-Karl Whissell. We were big fans of Turbo Kid (review) and were pretty excited when it was announced that the collaborative would be working together again on Summer of '84 and now we've got your first look at the thriller which had its ... [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.24.18] thriller noir

Vaughn Stein is a long-time second unit director with credits ranging from World War Z to TV's "Elementary" but with Terminal, he's made the jump into the director's chair in a big way. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.24.18] United Kingdom drama fantasy

Written by Joe Kelly and adapted from his limited series comic book of the same name, I Kill Giants is the story of Barbara Thornson, a young girl dealing with her personal struggles by escaping into a fantasy world where magic and monsters exist and where she, as the title says, kills giants. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.24.18] Canada thriller drama

Movies about sexual predators tend to follow a pattern but Carlos and Jason Sanchez's Allure (review), tackles the subject matter from a different perspective. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.24.18]

We're always gleaming for something new and innovative, or at least interesting, in the zombie genre and once in a while, something comes along that seems to disrupt the usual. The Cured appears to be one of those. [Continue reading (2 comments)]

Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.24.18] post apocalyptic scifi horror action thriller adventure

Universal Pictures has released a new trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising, the sequel to the 2013 Guillermo del Toro film. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 01.24.18] comedy cult romance

Sundance alum Adam Bowers (New Low, 2010) returns with the indie rom-com Paperback. Global Digital Releasing has scooped up Worldwide distribution rights and the film available now via most major digital retailers including Amazon Prime, iTunes and all the big ones. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 01.24.18] scifi action thriller

They Came from another World. Time to Send them Back. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.24.18] scifi thriller

After a long and successful festival run, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead's excellent The Endless is finally getting a theatrical release. [Continue reading (1 comment)]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.23.18] thriller

The Russo Brothers are commanding the entertainment news today and it's not because of their involvement with another Marvel movie. In addition to word that they will be producing Evan Glodell's next movie Canary the brothers, through their company AGBO, have teamed up with Neon to purchase distribution rights to Assassination Nation. [Continue reading]

Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.23.18] China scifi action adventure

Kung Fu Traveler has already made a big splash in China where it was produced to premiere exclusively on iQIYI, a Chinese streaming service. When it arrived on iQIYI and the China Movie Channel last year, the actioner generated more than 20 million views in the first week alone. Now the movie is about to cross the water into North America. [Continue reading]

John Connor [Celluloid 01.23.18] scifi horror action comedy thriller adventure

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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.23.18] action adventure

Casper Van Dien is keeping busy. With an average of five movies a year accompanied by a number of TV appearances, it's safe to say that Van Dien is one of the hardest working actors in the business and he lends his experience to any number of fledgling productions. [Continue reading]

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