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quietearth [General News 08.15.06]

This is how you can get your blog listed in technorati, weblogs, etc..
Using the weblog_pinger class library available below:

You will need to follow the instructions on the page, and download the xmlrpc class library available at:

1. Install the weblog_pinger.php file in whatever directory you want to use it in.
2. Install the php xmlrpc class library (I used the same subdirectory).
3. Change the require_once line in weblog_pinger.php to reflect the path to your xmlrpc installation, most likely xmlrpc-2.0/lib/
4. I also set $log_level to full and changed $log_file in weblog_pinger.php to be more informative, this way I can see what's going on.
5. Then just add the following code in for where your program adds a blog entry. Each time you add a blog entry this needs to be run.

$ping = new Weblog_Pinger();
$ping->ping_all("Your website name here", "");

After this run, it notifies,, and technorati!

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Lise A (11 years ago) Reply


I am trying to follow your instructions here. But I'm not quite sure how to install phpxmlrpc. Can you help? (I'm sure it's something simple, like "type Makefile" or something like that. I just don't want to get it wrong.)


Lise A (11 years ago) Reply

Fiddled around a bit. What seemed to work was something like this:
Download the file, as described.
gunzip (the file)
tar -xvf (the file)
cd (new directory)
vi Makefile, edit the top
vi doc/Makefile, edit the top


mpb-v2 (9 years ago) Reply


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