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quietearth [Celluloid 09.26.06] post apocalyptic

Ok so the last movie I watched went into the sports section, and this one goes into the generic "mad max" section. You can definitely tell this is circa 80's with the crimped hair and big manes.

This follows a generic plot outline of the silent tough guy, and yes the precious commodity in the movie is water. The action ain't that great, but somehow I still have to give it a 6 (out of 10).

Don't run out and get it, but if it's on late night tv or on a Sunday afternoon it might be worth it. I think Swayze's best line in the movie is "you talk to much".

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RJP (15 years ago) Reply

I saw it 15 yrs ago. It was a turd. A blatant mad max copy for Swayze's career.

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