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quietearth [Celluloid 07.05.07] post apocalyptic radio

Hey Folks, we've got the forums up for discussions of all things PA, zombie, and Jericho related, but even bigger is we've got a new radio show on blogtalkradio hosted by our very own Wilcoy!

Our forums are available at the link below, help us get them started!

And our radio show is available at:
(check within the next couple of days and you can listen to our 15 minute test show)

The show is dedicated to post apocalyptic movies, books, and jericho, with a little helping of scifi and fantasy. Our main aim is to bring the PA genre mainstream since it's really been under the radar for so long, not really defined but always there. We had that smattering of bad mad max rip off's in the 80's but now we've got alot of upcoming stuff that's pretty broad and inventive.

The show will be on at 12am EST, 9pm PT at first, but within the first 1-2 months we will be able to switch to a primetime slot once we get enough listeners.

Once again, that's Tuesday, July 10th, at 12am ET, 9pm PT. I'll be the guest on the show (I tried talking him out of it) so be sure to tune in!

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DiGiTaLgodd (12 years ago) Reply

Checked out the show. Enjoyed it even if it was a test. Can't wait to hear more. The show the host was thinking of was Hell Comes to Frogtown with ex-wrester Roddy Piper.

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