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quietearth [Celluloid 07.23.07] script

Originally called "The Green Effect", this film was shopped around for quite awhile before M. Night made some modifications whereupon it was picked up by 20th Century Fox. The film tells the story of a natural evolution that results in a deadly disease that threatens to wipe out humans from the face of the Earth. Ok, so it's not post apocalyptic (at least it doesn't sound like it), but since it's apocalyptic and it's Shyamalan we'll post it. John Leguizamo recently joined the cast along with Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel.

Here's the beginning of the script, check the link below for more:
In Downtown Philadelphia, we meet our hero in his early thirties ELLIOT MOORE, an aspiring musician (guitarist) who works as a science teacher. He gets into an argument with his wife ALMA MOORE who has decided to leave him. You see, Elliot’s problem is that he has a difficult time accepting things for what they are. He is in constant denial and that is his character arc which he must overcome by the end of the script.

Next scene at 8:36 a.m. in Central Park, a pair of women sit on a blanket at the dead center of the park. One of them is pregnant, the other has her hair in a bun. They each have a book. The wind blows the grass around them and the next thing you know, the woman with the bun in her hair starts stabbing herself in the throat!

Three blocks away from Central Park at a construction site in New York City at 8:59 a.m., the wind blows.

THUD! A construction worker falls to his death. Then another five more bodies crash down. The terrified Foreman looks up at the top of the twelve story steel framed structure and watches in horror as his workmen casually walk along the beams and step off the edge, one right after the other, like dolls off of a shelf.

Inciting incident time: In the next scene we are in Elliot’s classroom as he teaches a science class. The Vice Principal interrupts the class and takes Elliot to the teacher’s lounge where on page 10 the Principal tells us that there appears to be world events happening. Major cities in every country were hit with what seems to be a terrorist act.

It’s some kind of airborne chemical toxin that has been released. New York is one of the cities. They don’t know what the chemical does. They don’t know who is responsible for all this. All they do know is that the attacks originated in public parks in every city. The Principal spoke with the head of schools and said school is now dismissed.

In the same scene we also meet Elliot’s buddy, a math teacher named JULIAN. After Elliot dismisses his class, he meets up with Julian in the parking garage where Elliot tells Julian that Alma is leaving him. Julian is going to get his daughter Jess and wife Evette and meet up with Elliot at the train station.

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