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quietearth [Celluloid 08.25.07] post apocalyptic movie review

Year: 2006
Release date: Sept. 7th in Japan (as Star Troopers, Region 2 DVD)
Director: Ricardo Ribelles
Writers: Ricardo Ribelles
Cataclysm type: Unknown
IMDB entry: IMDB
Trailer: link
Amazon link: N/A
Post apocalyptic concentration: 5 out of 10
"Mad Max" level: 0 out of 10
Review by: quietearth
Rating: 8 out of 10

Key Characters:
The Baron (Juan Carlos Romeu)
Lieutenant Alexander (Alejandro Ribelles)
Colonel Domenic (Xavier Bertrán)
Lady Pervertum (Helena Lecumberri)
Lieutenant Ira Bowman (Paulina Gálvez)

"Lt. Alexander on the left, The Baron on the right"

At the end fo the 21st century, the religious military organization (which is kind of Catholic since they keep crossing themselves) Exorcio Deus Machine fights evil wherever it appears. The Baron, which has become the stuff of legends, is basically the top commando. The evil side, which seems to be led by Satan himself with the help of Lady Pervertum, seeks to create a master race. They attempt this using the beast Ragnarok, and the sperm of the Baron.

"Dr. Michas describing a failed attempt"

The Story:
The beginning of the movie starts with a flashback of the Baron and Lt. Alexander attempting to kill the laughers (an android species working for the evil guys). They run out of ammo, so The Baron orders Lt. Alexander back to base and hands him what looks like one of the mutated fetuses pictured above. They had been attempting to exterminate some female comrades who were kidnapped for diabolic purposes for the beast Ragnarok (I'll let you guess what those purposes are).

"Lady Pervertum and a laugher"

Accompanying them on the mission was one of the Bogardis twins who got eaten by the chattering laughers. After Lt. Alexander escapes, the Baron, who is out of ammo, goes against the hordes with nothing but his sword. Unfortunately for him, he get's captured by Lady Pervertum, and what does she want? None other then his sperm to fertilize the beast Ragnarok to engender an evil race.


Colenel Domenic, which seems to be in charge of everything, refuses to let Lt. Alexander go rescue the Baron, not to mention that Alexander has to get his arm replaced with a bionic one. Domenic orders Lt. Ira Bowman, which really isn't in good standing with Exorcio, on what is apparently a suicide mission to rescue the Baron which is in the Perfidia caverns.

I'd tell you more but we don't do spoilers.

The Rating:
First off, I have to say that of all the movies I've reviewed, I was the most excited about this one, and I wasn't disappointed. The designs, puppets, cgi, and storyline were amazing! There was one problem though, it needed to be longer, and really they could make this a series it was so awesome. I'd love to give this a 9, I think I could do that if they put out a directors/uncut version of it, 1:30 just wasn't enough time for the amazing contents of this epic. I've tried to give you a taste of the design in the movie with some of the screenshots, but really I can't do it justice without alot more. It was ingenious to say the least.

I have to warn you though that even with puppets, this is not a movie to watch with your kids! Also, there was nothing I could do about the watermarks in the screencaps, 95% of the film had that, ugh.

This movie is an instant cult classic, 8 out of 10 baby!

Thanks to Wilma for the screener!

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