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quietearth [Celluloid 08.27.07] post apocalyptic movie news

"Liam in 2018"

Oddly enough, this was an automatic recommendation on my netflix account (I really should charge them for the advertisement) and has been sitting in my queue for months, never quite at the top as I always kept throwing stuff in front of it. I wrongly assumed that this was not really even going to be post apocalyptic, let alone any good. Welcome to the world of the overlooked film.

"Daddy Dearest"

"It's the year 2018, and Liam, a young poet, has just put the finishing touches on his unusual masterpiece: a Bible of sorts that launches him to his new calling as a sage, a job that requires him to travel back in time to proselytize to his predecessors. Soon, though, Liam jumps again to when he was a pre-teen, when the seeds of his prophetic future are sown by none other than a troubled talent named Kurt Cobain."

"Liam as a child"

I don't know what you may be thinking at this point, but first off let me tell you there is barely any speaking in the film. It's told in more story form with music similar to Pink Floyd's The Wall, and it is incredible. There are all sorts of descriptions for this movie, some similar, some not so. I've watched it almost 3 times now, and I am still trying to figure it out. Really it's that good. But herein lies a problem, there is no trailer to be found ANYWHERE, so you can't really hear the beautiful vision of this movie, picture's just won't describe it. I would really love to review this movie, but it seems pointless without being able to share a trailer with you.

That said, if anyone from Fatal Impact Productions should read this, please provide a trailer! This is an Australian movie, and according to this page, this movie might have been originally called The Third Millenium.

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Aaron Stevenson (9 years ago) Reply

Thanks for the positive review guys. Freedom Deep has a long troubled history. It essentaialy was never finished, we ran out of money and it was released by 1st Miracle pictures (we never saw any returns). Being young at the time and naive we were essentialy ripped off. We had to then wait for the rights to expire and then finish the picture (more details ar on IMDB). The new version is completed and about 50% different in content with references to 9/11 and additional scenes in the year 2949. The film has literally been in production in one way or another since 1994!!! FREEDOM DEEP Final Directors Version is due out later this year on Amazon and ebay! If anyone out there would like to present a public premiere in any country we would be most supportive!

Aaron Stevenson


freak (9 years ago) Reply

hi! awsome movie! i really like it, it calms me a lot. i'd really like to buy the final directors version, but i don't have amazon or ebay in my country. if you could help me, pls contact me on szanday(at)gmail(dot)com thx!


anonymous (9 years ago) Reply

Promising movie in spots - great images of Central and Northern Victoria (Australia), but: story arc too slow and the 'poet as post-apoc sage' theme far too 19th century 'burden of the world' and all that - makers obviously knew nothing about contemp poetry/lit trends. Overall: The SF too eventless and the avant gardia too postured and dated. Best scenes? alternative culture of late 20th Century regional Victoria.


CATYON - LeVy (8 years ago) Reply

Hi. Freedom deep is most astonishing film i have watched. It was amazing experience. Few dialogues rest just image and great music. A holy grail of Cinematography. Please help me get ahold with Aaron Stevenson. Once I had it. But e-mail adres i have is not vailed.


adrian (8 years ago) Reply

man am i glad im not crazy. i saw this film years ago one late night, but could never remember the name. i told everyone i know about it and they thought i dreamt it up because no one has ever heard of it. ive tried searching for it before but to no avail, and finaly it pays off.

great story guys i really enjoyed it.

now i can tell people what the name is.


Lenman (8 years ago) Reply

I must have seen the unfinished version because I am not sure the above reviews are for the same movie I could barely finish. PA is my favorite and most of what I watch. I guess I will have to give it another shot. Maybe it's the fact that a future prophet was influenced by Kurt Cobain. How deep of a thinker was he? He married Coutney Love for gods sake.


Anonymous (8 years ago) Reply

What's with hollywood's plagiarism with 'book of liam'? and whatever happened to the stunning actress in Freedom Deep, Lorelei Gardner?


John Ranko (8 years ago) Reply

Freedom Deep is now released on Amazon as a Final Directors Cut. It is the current topic of controversy due to the just released Book of Eli.

Details are at

If you could leave a supportive comment at the magazine site I would be eternally gratefull!




Paul Kovcic (8 years ago) Reply

this film is the biggest load of crap, bad script bad direction and production it seriously is a load of shit


Ben Goodhall (8 years ago) Reply

Is There a soundtrack CD available, i really liked the music in the film very different somewhat spiritual with tribal earthly sounds, great no bloody great music where is this band Goyas Child??????


FLASH (6 years ago) Reply

I cant see how this movie gets a 9 even though I have never seen it a 9 rating is in rarified air territory. Just looking at a couple sites they dont seem to share the love. Could be worth watching but a 9???


Brian latero (3 years ago) Reply

Seriously? This is one of the worst films I've ever seen, self indulgent garbage, the good reviews ? Seriously one of the worst films ever made, just total garbage, and I dare say any good reviews have to have been written by the film makers as I'm sure they are the only ones who like this

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