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quietearth [Celluloid 08.29.07] post apocalyptic short

I found this in the "Additional" section for the DragonCon film festival, but it's nowhere to be found on the schedule so I don't know if it will be playing. It doesn't matter though because the entire 9 minute short is available off youtube. Now I have to warn you, THIS IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK. It's got quite a bit of perversion in it, so I repeat, NSFW! You've been warned. Oh, and it's got some real cool music, but it starts a bit slow.

"The year is 2012. The world has torn itself apart with nuclear weapons. The remaining vestiges of human life cling to survival like a scared child to mother's hand. In what's left of Brooklyn, New York, two men live a lonely coexistence. One is scarred by the searing radiation of atomic bombs, the other a miraculously unscathed drifter bent on cruelty for his own foul pleasure.

Then... SHE came along.

The bitter love triangle that ensued is as timeless as a stopped watch, and as tragic as a dead puppy."

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