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quietearth [Celluloid 09.12.07] post apocalyptic news

From comingsoon comes a set visit to Jericho with a little preview of whats coming in season 2! Sorry no release date, but let's see what we've got:

-There will be the introduction of mega-company "Jennings and Rall". "They'll play a prominent roll in the next seven episodes of Season 2," Zreik said. "Episode 1, of Season 2, you'll see the building of Jennings and Rall, who helps re-build Jericho; that's the storyline of Season 2. It's a new look for Jericho; lights work, electricity is back on, power, there are actually cars that drive up and down the street."

-Season 2 will pick up right after the battle scene from last year in the first episode, and then they'll jump three weeks ahead for the next episode.

-The sheriff's office received a new look for this season; they brought in Esai Morales as new character Col. Hoffman. "Part of the storyline in Season 2 is the military we introduced everybody to in episode 22, now plays a role in Season 2. The Cheyenne military moves in, and shares the office space with the sheriff. Esai has been put in charge, and because this town does not have a sheriff, yet, he takes over."

-Whether the bombs will be going off or not, everyone was pretty mum about that.

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