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quietearth [Celluloid 09.15.07] movie news scifi

The French have done some incredible cinema going along way back, but recently they've had some really good genre films, especially sci-fi, and this one is no exception. They recently came out with an english teaser for it, and this is currently in post-production.

"Eden Log invites you to witness the painful awakening of a man deep inside a cave. Suffering amnesia, he has no recollection of how he came to be here nor of what happened to the man whose body he finds beside him. Tailed by a mysterious creature, he has no other choice but to continue through this strange and fantastic world."

There are more photos and teasers in multiple languages on the myspace page:

Thanks to 24framespersecond for the heads up.

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Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

I had no idea what the tits was going on in this movie.


pcs (13 years ago) Reply

At about 0:38 into the movie we have some guy that's wandering evolving into some guy being chased, one or more monsters that appear to be unwilling or incapable of much more than monster noises, and then a capture by persons unknown. So far there appears to be no sign of plot or allegory.
Oh, now there's someone literally hanging around in a hazmat suite... seems articulate enough, but makes no sense. "Let me experiment on you?" Gimme a break. Another 10 minutes or so of cinematographic non sequiturs, including a mostly ineffectual monster attack and at 0:53 the protagonist and the hazmat suite person (turns out to be an attractive woman) are kissing to the strain of background monster howls. Hard to say what happened next... did he rape her? There are hints that the monsters are what used to be the human inhabitants (surprise!, not). 1:05 and another lame monster attack. Now we finally have a plot development... the protagonist may be mutating into one of the annoying-but-not-really-scary-monsters -- or not. I think the bulk of the plot development, what little there is, happens in the last 15 minutes or so. There is no character development, so don't bother looking for that.

My final verdict: I can appreciate low budget film making, but "Eden Log" strikes me as a gratuitous waste of filmstock.


SuricouRaven (13 years ago) Reply

This film is not the worst I have seen, but it is close. While there is some trace of a plot, the incompetance of the director renders it impossible to follow - between the overuse of extreme closeups the lack of dialog, the film is almost entirely incomprehenseable. The shortage of characters - a total of two, plus assorted throwaway monsters and security guards - makes a psychological play impossible. What plot can be found is seriously incomplete, with large parts of the premise left conspicuously absent - everything from the cause of the main character's memory loss to the source of his strange powers to the origin of the giant tree that is apparently responsible for mutating people into monsters. A shadowy (literially, the film is so dark it may be in black and white) conspiricy appears at the very end, responsible for performing various atrocities without any apparent need nor motivation. This is a film so devoid of content, were the scenes to be cut apart and rearranged at random it would neither gain nor lose any value.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

It is unfortunate that a movie having left room for interpretation is commonly regarded as a sign of "incompetence" by the writer/director. I suppose if Kubrick's 2001 were released today it would be criticized as incomprehensible and lacking character development by people used to being spoon-fed by their media.

There are many possible explanations for why the main character has memory loss, why he has special powers, and why the tree is significant. We can try one explanation for starters, just to end the idea that the movie is entirely incomprehensible.

The tree is the tree of life and the tree of knowledge, it also represents the natural world itself by way of the Nordic myth of Yggdrasil. The society believes that it can harvest the tree, "exploit it", without any ill consequences. In other words, that we can use our knowledge, the resulting power structures of society and the natural environment around us without sacrificing anything in the process. However, by using the knowledge and power of the tree society is being affected by the tree itself, people are changing, the worldtree is exacting a cost for everything it gives. In response to these changes those in power have decided to keep the ill effects of the tree a secret, to exploit the workers as they had previously intended to exploit the tree. They cover up the mutations of the workers by sacrificing them to maintain the power of the tree, creating a closed loop that maintains the status quo. Through this method they believe they can control the tree without having it change their society, without facing the reality that their old way of life is over and they need to adapt to a new reality.

However, they are unable to keep control. The workers revolt, the mutations spread. Tolbiac, a guard sent to quell the worker revolts, turns out to be the first human compatible with the mutation process that the tree begins in everyone who stays in contact with it. He wakes nearly naked, cold and having forgotten who he is. Like a child having been born from the tree itself, or like someone going through a horrible mind-altering mutation and stuck in a low oxygen environment.

Instead of turning into a brute savage like the others, he becomes a hybrid, able to contain the powers of the tree and parts of his humanity. If the tree is life and knowledge, Tolbiac is the representation of what humanity must become, a child of divine power who is still human at the same time.

When he finally realizes who he is and what is going on, he impales himself on the tree (a la Odin impaling himself on his spear while hanging from Yggdrasil and christ impaled by a spear while hanging on the cross) in order to free both humanity and the tree from the perfectly contained system of control and oppression that has existed. In other words, like Odin and Christ, he becomes the conduit between the divine and humanity. Because he is the first person compatible with the tree, by infusing himself into it the tree grows the power to break from the cage it has been kept in and transform the society that has tried to ignore the realities around it.

Add that all of this was accomplished with a grimy and dark atmosphere unparalleled in any similarly budgeted film, along with intriguing mystery and loads of symbolism, and I think a low-budget film can be forgiven for not having a full cast of diverse characters with narration by Dakota Fanning for the slow audience members amongst us.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

well said. not every film is going to have well known american actors in it. it time we apreciate independent films for what they are.


Wagz (13 years ago) Reply

Thank you very much, you are quite obviously a douche but you saved me from a life of not knowing wtf was going on in this movie.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Well, it makes sense, the whole thing, if you think about it. Doesn't really make it good though. I got the whole plot, but they could have had a little more chit chat. Maybe made the whole movie not suck. And it reminded me of the game Bioshock at the very beginning. Except no guns, characters, color, or explanation of what is going on. Totally worthless, unless you fancy yourself one of those SUPER intellectual movie guys who really "Gets It". But for actual viewing pleasure....0%


inkadu (13 years ago) Reply

I'm surprised that a movie this boring kept my attention the way it did -- maybe the soundtrack?

The movie is painfully slow and much of the scenes of him wandering through the levels have no character content and do not advance the plot. OMG! Another doorway! With light behind it!

This movies is structured like a video game. The narrative is advanced every 20 minutes by a review from computer surveillance tapes, and the rest of the time is action. Except instead of action, it's a guy wandering around.

And, yes, the guy did rape the woman in the elevator; I am guessing that by the woman's reaction anyway, and the fact that tobiak seemed horrified. It was the one thing I liked about the movie. The rape scenes in red were what was actually happening; the nice kissing stuff was how his human side was interpreting what was going on -- or maybe what he WOULD like to be happening. Pretty cool concept and well executed.

And it looks like the tree infection is sexually transmitted.


killa1 (6 years ago) Reply

Jesus man I always thought that people who said they just lost hours of their lives watching crap were just idiots, but after this movie I feel brain dead, tired & my eyes are still half shut from squinting at the screen to make stuff out. Why I tried to make stuff out I will never know and occasionally on a suuny afternoon when I'm at a ripe old I'll think back to some of the wasted time I've spent in my life and this craziness will undoubtedly come to mind.... There was just a mumble jumble of crap throughout every scene which made no sense with one eyed maniacs running wild between pipes and roots, throw in a woman in a boiler suit who originally speaks like a man and leads us to believe she is a man for no apparent reason whatsoever. Then she's unveiled and gets raped or doesn't get raped; who knows, the madness just keeps getting deeper and deeper until my brain hurt trying to put together the pieces of crap at every turn. Just give me my brain back Eden Log, You mind fucked my life..... >:o/

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