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quietearth [Celluloid 09.25.07] post apocalyptic short puppets series

I can give you a synopsis, which sounds great, but this really doesn't explain the videos which are pretty trippy. DaveO, can you explain this?!

"The earth will be cleansed of all surface structures. all steel, concrete, asphalt, & plastic will be removed & relocated to the subterranean levels. The 5 control centers will be the only visible evidence of mans presence. The structures will be approximately 2 miles in height & 1.5 miles in their circumference. The population of the planet has been reduced by 95% due to diseases brought on from overcrowding, dwindling of food & fresh water resources. The remaining ten thousand inhabitants are equally spread out between the five control centers a mighty uprising ended the reign of the corps. The new society began to flourish and pave a new path for mankind: one of self-fulfillment & the collective betterment of the entire species. There unfortunately existed, in the old forgotten military bunkers, a last bastion of corp leadership. Seeing that this new world held no place for profit or for those who would use that profit to subjugate the weak & thereby make more profit....they decided to destroy what they could not control. Fields of lush vegetation stretch as far as the eye can see..and they continue to stretch in ones mind. This is because one knows that they are without end. they wrap the entire globe & run into themselves in a sea of green. The once mighty seas have been pumped into the crust to be held in mammoth recesses carved out in the days of the last war. The whole planet has been turned into a quiet garden. Quiet. There are no animals left except for man. Man now performs all the myriad of tasks that the earth’s fauna once performed..the science that once rose to destroy a world is now bound to nurture it. Control center five rises out of the forest like some prehistoric dinosaur. The very top of the structure is lost in cloud & its surface screams back the silence of the world. The inside of control center 3 is abuzz with the early morning chant. The devotees hum in tune with the wind/tides/plate grindings of the earth. Thought is obliterated..cannot exist in the wake of a noise that trying not to blink as sand is poured into ones eyes. And then as the sun breaks over the lip of the refracting dome atop the center...silence roars, filling the 1000 foot tall antechamber full of blinking & sinking gardeners... the offending structures have been razed. These represented an ecosystem of aberration that once gone has left its key dependent players out in the cold. (although this was their original state to begin with..) They cannot even walk into the traffic that once may have freed them. They shall emerge as the new zealots. They must eventually adopt the new & in so doing will inevitably soil/ bastardize/ twist it to fit their own dead philosophy. They shall be the new compost in which our mother shall once again flourish..."

Series homepage:

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Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

I was totalyy amazed by these movies. Are they stop motion? The sets are insane! They don't make a ton of sense...but they leave you with a strange feeling that's hard to describe.


quietearth (13 years ago) Reply

I am betting they are.. ask DaveO in the forums! It's still ongoing.


SoylentBrown (13 years ago) Reply

Hmm...I'm pretty sure these aren't stop-mo. I can't figure out how they are done. You're right on with your description however...they are TRIPPY! (I went to his site & left some questions on his guest book about his methods)
Pretty unique stuff fo-sho.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Yeah, this is some pretty unique-ass shit.

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