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quietearth [Celluloid 09.28.07] post apocalyptic movie news

Somehow I missed this which is very heavy on the sci-fi tip. The trailer for this looks very cool and you can buy the dvd off the website.

"Over run by the alien Kryslum Empire, a devastated Earth is victim of their slow terra-forming technologies. With the human race enslaved and on the brink of destruction, four misfits join forces to start the rebellion that will bring upon a new dawn for human survival."

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Jean (14 years ago) Reply

This is a cool flick... I know I've seen it!

Did you know the guys at Hysteria Productions, James and Chris, wrote and made the movie for only AUD$10,000 (about US$8,000), and lots of dedicated volunteers. I’ve heard it is just a part of a much bigger story with some deep philosophies and ideologies, which they hope to make into a limited TV series. The entire story makes you really think about our world today, I’ve read some of it and it is awesome. Maybe these guys know more about our future than they are letting on... it's actually pretty scary.

Imagine what they could do with $20 million!

I think we should spread the word, who knows, maybe the big studios in Hollywood will see the talent in the Hysteria boys and help them make the series. I know I would love to see in on TV, or even as a multi part series of movies.


Chris (14 years ago) Reply

I just read Jean's comment. Yes she's right. We did make it on only '$10 thousand Australian'.

It was originally a three part trilogy over three movies, and back around 1995 when we first wrote it and began to make it, the first part was called 'LOST'. I guess you know why we eventually changed the title.
The whole series was called 'The Third World Trilogy'
We have since sculptured it to be made as a limited TV series.
It is essentially 'Entertainment', but yes it does have some philosophies and ideologies attached along the way. What good Sci-Fi/Post apocalyptic story doesn't. There is a deep underlying message in it, but we don't want that to get in the way of a really entertaining and exciting story. It's really about struggle, overcoming seemingly impossible adversary, friendships, love, and the ultimate triumph for the one true right of every living person... FREEDOM!

Hey if anyone out there knows how we can find that financial support to make the full series... please let us know.
We are currently finishing another movie, mostly as the post supervisors. (by the way, James Cole is the world's most incredible movie maker, you just don't know that yet!) We are just in the process of trying to get our next production up, and are actually working our plan to eventually be able to make 'LOST-BLACK EARTH' as the full-blown series.
We will take all the support we can get, because ultimately, YOU will be the beneficiaries of our hard work.
Thanks heaps for listening.
Dr. Chris Daniels

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