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quietearth [Celluloid 10.15.07] post apocalyptic movie news

I put the question mark there because I'm not 100% sure this is PA, but by the description it really does sound like it. This is a huge deviation traditional PA fare, dwelling more on the emotional and psychological, especially it seems from a woman's point of view. Based on the trailer, I am really looking forward to this.

"Sometime in the not too distant future. Terrorist attacks continue to escalate. Cities are the primary targets.

William and his wife Jessica, flee the city seeking safety. Upon reaching their newly purchased ranch, in the middle of nowhere, they discover, Elias a Mexican ranch hand already living there. Just as the property dispute escalates to a dangerous level, a massive terrorist attack causes widespread, catastrophic destruction - the world, as they know it, no longer exists."

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Chris (15 years ago) Reply

I think that if McArthy's book "The Road" proves anything, it's that the apocalypse is a largely untapped backdrop upon which humanity can be explored. By stripping away all the modern trappings of civilization a more pure human drama has the potential to unfold. So yeah, this movie does look interesting.


t (15 years ago) Reply

looks cool a little more talkity drama stuff then i usually like i think ill dig it though

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