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quietearth [Film Festival 10.22.07] review

First off let's start with the 5th Annual Toronto Zombie Walk which was running simultaneously with the movies today, so unfortunately I couldn't attend. I did, however, talk to a couple of fine folks before the next feature and was surprised to hear that they might of broken the world record. Now I say again folks, the current record is held by us, that is the USA, home of the zombie. The number is 894 in Pittsburgh, PA, but a cop said that there was maybe a 1000 people there which is what they were shooting for. We'll see about that. The crowd ran the gamut from well crafted hanging eye balls, pimps with afros and picks, to the more sublime whiteface with black stitches. And then you had those with nothing more then blood and torn t-shirts. At least they weren't cheating like they did in London for the premier of Zombie Diaries. Anyways there were your usual crying kids, and supposedly the zombie crowd caused one accident, a suv rear-ending another car.

Onto the movie, this was highly anticipated, the whole zombie walk crowd packing in. It's a tale of a zombie outbreak in a small town, with very little character buildup at the local high school. The first thing we see is a dead guy rolled into the morgue, then it timeshifts to later and some noise coming out of the morgue drawer. An orderly opens it up and is broken in half at the midsection and pulled in. I'll tell you now, the gore is AWESOME. The zombies spread very very quickly, and they are fast, but you'll have to watch the film for more explanation on this. Three friends head off to the nearest city to go see a live band and while on the way notice that their is no traffic at all, and it's rush hour. When they arrive, the place is completely silent, but after getting out of the car a huge mob of zombies run after them and they barely make it into this bar. From here it's a fight back to their town.

As I said the gore is awesome, and it had one of the coolest scenes I've ever seen. A zombie ripped the fetus out of a pregnant women and started eating it! Talk about sick! There was one serious problem, that being the usage of the "shaky" camera technique which I have to say NEEDS TO GO. WE DO NOT LIKE THIS FILMMAKERS, PLEASE STOP USING IT! I heard from another moviegoer this was compared to 28 days later, but this is a TRUE zombie film, this is not like the rage virus. I also have to give you a bit of a spoiler (otherwise you're going to be pissed when you watch it) which is that the movie ends VERY abruptly. It's part of a trilogy. Now based on the content and gore, I give this a 7 out of 10, take away that crappy shaky camera and I might be able to give it an 8. And yes, I would consider it post apocalyptic.

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