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quietearth [Celluloid 11.01.07] post apocalyptic movie review

Year: 2007
Release Date: November 13th (DVD)
Director: Jesse Johnson
Writers: Jesse Johnson
Cataclysm type: Robots
IMDB entry: IMDB
Trailer: link
Amazon link: link
Post apocalyptic concentration: 8 out of 10
"Mad Max" level: 4 out of 10
Review by: quietearth
Rating: 6 out of 10
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Key Characters:
Tallis (Don Wilson)
Girl (Katee Sackhoff)
Anchilles (Bokeem Woodbine)

The world has been decimated by the drone police, a somewhat artificially intelligent collective that was created to serve and protect mankind. All of the human cops disappeared, all that was left was these robots, and at some point they decided to take over, quickly overwhelming and crushing humanity. During the short period where humanity fought back, the e700, an elite military unit which was raised for combat was brought in to fight the drones. Out of all of this genetically modified crop only one man survived, Tallis. Now he hides in an abandoned theater, scavenging for food, and avoiding contact with the enemy at all cost.

The Story:
Tallis is talking to what? His gun of all things. He has a camera in his head that interfaces with it and it's about as close as you get to true AI, even more so then the drone police. It took a while to figure this one out, but it explains it throughout the story. Tallis was raised by the military and trained from birth basically to be an emtionless, fearless, fighter. And he's been in over 30 countries killing people to back that up. He must have come out of some genetic soup, but he's the last of his kind. He scavenges for food and avoids the enemy. We don't know how much time has passed since the drone police turned on their creators.

Hearing some noise, Tallis heads out from his hideout, and sees a minivan full of people being chased by another car full of the droneheads. These people turn out to be rebels, and they are tough as nail, because they just keep fighting till they are shot dead. The only remaining person has some cover because she is thrown in a cement indent in the ground. Tallis finds her once the dronies have cleared out and brings her back home, dressing her wounds, and telling her to sleep.

When she's awake, she tells of a resistance movement out in the desert, and their mission is to disable a command control center for the drones, which will effectively knock all of them out. Tallis is unsure of the cause, but eventually joins her, training her and getting ready for the onslaught. But there's more to it!

The Rating:
Ahhh the rating. Well this was a pretty decent action movie, but that was about it. The storyline was kind of scattered and it had some very random stuff in it, like Katee making out with Tallis for no apparent reason whatsoever. The visuals and settings were basically re-used throughout the entire film. The one thing this movie really had going for it was the background story about the drone police. This was a really great idea, and should be developed more, heck you could make an entire tv series or a comic about it. Unfortunately that didn't happen, so I have to give this a 6 out of 10. It's definitely sci-fi channel material (that's where it premiered) and worth a rent.

One other thing, I'm really starting to dig Bokeem Woodbine, I think he's a great actor and I'd like to see him in something more serious. You rock Bokeem!

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