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elliotspencer [Celluloid 11.16.07] movie news horror thriller

One of the 8 Films to Die For from After Dark Films this looks very promising. This one reminds me of an old Alfred Hitchcock I saw when I was quite young but with an updated approach and a new twist. Keep your eyes open for this in your area!

Plot Summary:
"After their grandfather dies in quite a grisly manner, three sisters and some of their friends head out into a secluded area to learn more about what he has left them. What they find is a beautiful lake with a cabin near by. Unfortunately a family of psychos have already taken the cabin as their own..."

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ELI PORTER (12 years ago) Reply

i´ve got one question man, tell me whos next, these ladies are salt like they gunna giva the best, seee, im the best mayne, i deeed it.

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