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elliotspencer [Celluloid 11.30.07] zombies review news book

Year: 2007
Publisher: Permuted Press
Authors:David Dunwoody, Patrick Rutigliano, Johnathan Maberry, Paula R. Stiles, Linda L. Donahue, Derek Gunn, Christine Morgan, Leila Eadie, Jehn Peel, Scott A. Johnson , James Roy Daley, Richard D. Moore, Carole Lanham, Rebecca Brock, Douglas Hutcheson, Raoul Wainscoting, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Ed Turner, Jenny Ashford , Joe McKinney
Amazon link: Link
Review by: elliot spencer
Rating: 9 out of 10

This book is a collection of short stories that range in time all through history. Each story is written by a different author so the styles change from story to story. It is quite a unique collection of stories that take you from the time of the caveman all the way through history into the possible not so distant future.

The Rating:
So far everything I have read from Permuted Press has been a gem and History is Dead is no different. It contains one of the most unique compilations of zombie stories I have read. The whole idea of basing a zombie story throughout different times in history is very intriguing to me. The first story in the book is based back in time when cavemen and woolly mammoths roamed the earth. A group of cavemen is out hunting when a strange looking mammoth comes into view. It looks dead to them, but it is still walking and it shows no fear of them like the usual mammoth would. What luck for them! Easy food! All of them eat from the mammoth except for one sick child and one caveman that does not trust the walking corpse as a good source of food. Lucky for him as all that ate of the mammoth become flesh eating zombies. It is now up to our one person left to flee with the child and make it to safety.

The stories are all very good and continue through history. If you like to read zombie stories then you absolutely must pick up a copy of this book. It it will be well worth your while and money.

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Paffenroth (14 years ago) Reply

Glad you liked it! It was an honor to work with some old hands of the zombie genre, and to make available some new voices, from whom I think we'll be hearing more in the future!

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