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quietearth [Celluloid 12.10.07] news short drama

Currently running the festival circuit is a stunning short out of Belgium by Tom Van Avermaet which is quite tasty. I can almost feel the beauty so palpable it is, I want to sink my teeth into it. It has some sort of expressionist style like The Matrix or Dark City, does anyone know if there's a name for it because I can't seem to find it? Anyways here's a trailer, enjoy!

Thanks to the writer/director Tom Van Avermaet himself, he explained that this dark style is German expressionism and he further adds that there is a hint of steampunk, which is a science fiction surreal like Victorian atmosphere.

"In a work-driven world where time is the ultimate dictator, a mysterious sandman spreads chaos and confusion. Even the best employees of the system get infected by his wondrous dream powder and lose sight of the once dominating clock. Alex Deprins, future employee of the year, becomes one of those "victims." In his dreams he comes into contact with a strange new world, where a lady in red captivates his heart. Once awake he has to make a difficult decision: Does he stay in his familiar but deadly rule-bound world or does he seek the road to salvation in his dreams?"

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