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quietearth [Celluloid 01.18.08] movie news horror

John hasn't done a feature film (that is directing) in about 7 years now, and word from shocktillyoudrop is that his next will be a horror anthology titled L.A. Gothic. The same guys who wrote the Dario Argento script "Giallo", Jim Agnew and Sean Keller, also penned this one. "Five interwoven stories of high-octane horror centering on a vengeful ex-priest's efforts to protect his teenage daughter from the supernatural evils of L.A.'s dark side." That sounds tough, but John has earned enough cred he should be able to do whatever the heck he wants.

I originally found this on slashfilm with a great little homage to the legend (The Thing anyone?) but they pointed out his last couple were, well, not very good. I can't argue with that, but what they fail to mention is the man himself directed a couple of Masters of Horrors episodes, one of which shows Carpenter is still in fine form, nay, is just awesome. If you haven't seen it, it's called Cigarette Burns and we've got a trailer following. It's especially alluring for you cinephiles.

"The bankrupted owner of the movie theater Vogue, Kirby Sweetman, is hired by the eccentric private collector Mr. Bellinger to search and find the cursed horror movie "Le Fin Absolue du Monde". This film is considered lost and magic, and has been presented only once in the Sitges Festival, driving the audience insane and violent, causing bloodshed in the theater. The director, crew and everybody involved in its production has also died. Kirby owes US$ 200,000.00 to his father-in-law, who blames Kirby for the death of his daughter Annie, and accepts the assignment to pay his debt and for his own satisfaction. Bellinger shows him a souvenir from the film in his basement, a chained angel that had his wings torn off in the movie. Kirby travels to France to meet his contact and has glimpses of his beloved Annie, initiating his journey to hell."

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