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quietearth [Celluloid 01.27.08] zombies movie news horror

BD recently announced that the official Diary of the Dead blog over on myspace had theater listings up for the limited release which starts February 15th. Among the lucky cities are NYC, LA, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Denver, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Atlanta, Seattle, Miami, Detroit, San Diego, Las Vegas, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Charlotte with more to come! From all reports this is a departure from Romero's normal fare which only reinforces his legendary status after the dreadful Land of the Dead. Weinstein is allso reportedly backing a sequel. The storyline revolves around a bunch of students who are making a school film when the zombie outbreak happens, so you get to see the whole thing from the POV camera thing which has become so popular recently. I've already got my tickets for the first showing on the first day, how about you? Continue reading for links to trailer and the DOTD myspace page.

Check out the trailer
Diary of the Dead on myspace

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Jamie Thornton (14 years ago) Reply

I definitely want to see this. I just hope the camera work doesn't shake too much.


quietearth (14 years ago) Reply

Word is it's awesome.. I talked to some people in Toronto who saw the premier. I've got tickets for the first showing on February 15th, I can't wait! Expect a review that night.


Doug Taylor (14 years ago) Reply

Does anyone know why this movie is a limited release?

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