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quietearth [Celluloid 02.17.08] movie news short thriller

One thing Martin seems to have a knack for is pulling together some really tight talent, in Agnieszka 2039 we saw alot of it with the cgi, but in here we just get a small taste with some animation. This trailer does not contain any footage from the short, but it does give you a feel for it. Overlaid with a classical piano track, it builds a loving caress for the viewer which is deceiving in nature. I've already watched it and I really loved it, Martin sans effects seems to be even better, but he tells me this won't be the norm for him. I'll put up a review later this week, but for now, enjoy the trailer which is linked after the break.

Alicja Wonderland site with trailer

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Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

I hope to see that !
Welcome with Alicia!

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