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quietearth [Celluloid 04.07.08] movie apocalyptic news

We reported on this flick about a month ago and talked about how stunning the cinematography is, and luckily we have a new trailer here which shows quite a bit more, including some serious societal collapse. The whole premise is based on a meteorite that will hit the Earth within 72 hours, resulting in no chance of survival. One thing I found out recently was that Antonio Banderas was one of the producers on this with his production company also behind it. While some people may be throwing around "Deep Impact", the footage I've seen really shows nothing like that, and in all respects this looks to be a serious arthouse dramatic piece, not some Hollywood crap. Trailer following.

Our initial post with full synopsis and first trailer
via FilmStalker

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Ulises (14 years ago) Reply

Looks pretty sweet!


ThatSpellsMOON (13 years ago) Reply

Reminds me a little of the great Canadian film "Last Night." Less about the sci-fi than the reaction of society to their coming extinction.

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