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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.08.08] movie news scifi

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Expanded from his own mega award winning short of the same name, Paul Catling's Tomo looks like a reboot of Robinson Crusoe on Mars except Friday is a robot and the relationship between the two might not be all hugs and kisses. In fact according to the director, the film promises to be an unflinching look at what could very well be our innevitable future life with technology. Tomo is still in production and will be a combination of live action and CGI. Clips and full synopsis after the break.

Synopsis: "Set in the near future, a man is stranded on a barren ice-planet when his cargo ship crash-lands. John's only hope of rescue is through the help of an emergency survival robot or Tomo ("companion" in Japanese). At first John is cautious, but as they battle to survive, he drops his guard, finding friendship and humanity where he least expects it."

Official Tomo page at Lunar Films with a clip from the original short

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quietearth (6 years ago) Reply

This looks incredible! Think they'll duke it out?


Mr Original (6 years ago) Reply

Very interesting. Anyone know if there is a link to the original short on the net?


quietearth (6 years ago) Reply

unfortunately there isn't.. although I'm going to try requesting a copy from the director so I can do a review (and get to see it)


Chris Grayson (5 years ago) Reply

Don't know if this page is monitored, but do you know the status of this. I've read elsewhere of a 2009 release date, but all leads have hit dead ends.


TOMO on Facebook (3 years ago) Reply

I had some lengthy correspondence with Paul just over a year ago, where he projected a release date of late 2011, or early 2012, but since then he's been less accessible. Here is a Facebook page for the movie (also linked from my name below):

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