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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.10.08] movie news horror video

Belgian website KWeb have posted three great interview clips with one of my favorite directors of all time, Neil Marshall. In them, he discusses everything from his first film, to the negative critical reaction to his latest film Doomsday, to his dream projects The Sword and the Fury and Eagles Nest. While the idea of Eagles Nest has been floating around for I while it's the first we've heard of The Sword and the Fury which, if made, would end up being like a "medieval heist film" taking place after the time frame of the Arthurian Legend. SO the confusion about what Marshall might be up to next continues I'm afraid as this makes four films (not including the up in the air Conan reboot) by my count that he has recently been heard talking about. The other two of course being his horror western Sacrilege and the neo-noir film we reported on called Drive. Videos and links embedded after the jump.

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