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quietearth [Celluloid 04.25.08] anime news animation action samurai

While it's no secret around here that I don't care for anime, (and I don't think any of our other guys do), I have to let this one slide just to share it with you because it contains one of my favorite subjects in film, samurai! Blade of the Immortal is a new anime series based off the manga by Hiroaki Samura and has even been published in a US version by Dark Horse which shows how popular it is. The series is based on Manji, a skilled samurai who at the hands of an 800 year old nun, gets turned immortal, except for his kryptonite which is a rare poison. He has to go on a quest to kill 1000 evil men to end this immortal curse. The trailer starts off a bit slow, but picks up halfway through with plenty of blood and some nice jazz-infused music. Check it out below!

via wikipedia:
"Blade of the Immortal follows the deeds of Manji, a skilled samurai who has a decisive advantage: no wound can kill him, except for a rare poison. In the past, his criminal actions led to the death of 100 other samurai (including his sister's husband). He becomes immortal at the hand of a 800-year-old nun named Yaobikuni, and is compelled by the death of his sister to accept the quest that will end his agelessness. He has vowed to make amends by killing 1000 evil men, and until he does Manji will be kept alive by kessen-chu ('sacred bloodworms'), remarkable creatures that allow him to survive nearly any injury and reattach severed limbs even after hours of separation. They work by sacrificing themselves to seal the wound - they're worms that were bred to be as close in their chemical and physical make-up to humans as you can get without being human. They cannot handle regrowth on a large scale, but, for example, can reattach a severed limb or seal a hole in the brain."

via Cinemasie

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G.H. (10 years ago) Reply

When I watched anime I loved series that were based on samurai. Stuff like Kenshin (more the movie/OVA's), Samurai deeper Kyo, Samurai Champloo. And Berserk, which is more like european knights, but cool as hell. This looks alright, despite to bizzare music choice.


quietearth (10 years ago) Reply

Ok so maybe it's not jazz infused, but your right, it's definitely weird..


agentorange (10 years ago) Reply

sounds like it was tacked on from some other source. Almost like an anime tv show from the eighties or something. But yeah other than that this looks pretty cool.


loempiavreter (10 years ago) Reply

I love a lot of Japanese animation and comics because a lot of them take inspiration from exploitation movies, some even are animation of exploitation subgenre's like Post-Apocalypse, spaghetti westerns, hong kong kung fu flicks. And a lot of character designs are over the top! I love that!

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