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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.13.08] movie news scifi thriller

While Canadian great, David Cronenberg, has yet to be officially signed on to direct the American remake of Timecrimes, Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo seems very keen on the idea (and, quite frankly, so are we). In a recent interview with Blogdecine, Vigalondo went into some detail about who he'd like to see helm the project, hinting that Cronenberg was a serious contender. Of course he also expressed a desire to see either Bruce Willis or Kurt Russel in the lead role with Adrian Brody rounding out the support cast so it could just be wishful thinking. What do you think? Is Cronenberg a right fit? Would Bruce Willis in the lead as a man caught in a time conundrum be a little too much like 12 Monkeys deja-vu? Or does he seem tailor made for this role?

Interview (in Spanish)at Blogdecine

via shocktillyoudrop

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quietearth (14 years ago) Reply

One of the great things about this film (I've got a copy :) was it's realism (read: low budget) mixed with the layman's interpretation of time travel so, while I support Cronenberg, I think Brody or Willis would kill it, it needs no-name actors.

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