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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.21.08] post apocalyptic movie apocalyptic news

As we all know, 2012 is doomsday according to Mayan's prophesy, so it follows that we should expect a certain amount of interest in post-apocalyptic properties from both studios and creative types as we approach our very demise. We saw the same kind of thing right before the turn of the millennium when everyone predicted that the dreaded Y2K would upturn society by sending us back to the computing stone age and we're going to see it now. Well, it seems that Babylon A.D. director Mathieu Kassovitz has set his sights on an ambitious "end of the world" space project, called "MNP," that will start to shoot in 2011 so that it can presumably drop in 2012. Said Kassovitz about the technologically heavy project that will utilize special planes that are able to simulate a zero gravity environment ; "This is my ultimate movie. Everything we've done until now has been preparing us to be able make this movie." Intrigued? Link to more after the break.

More info at The Hollywood Reporter

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soma (14 years ago) Reply

maybe they should start making them a little early - just incase it is the end of the world and we don't get to see them

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