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quietearth [Film Festival 06.07.08] movie review horror comedy

Year: 2007
Director: Jon Knautz
Writers: Jon Knautz & John Ainslie & Trevor Matthews & Patrick White
IMDB: link
Trailer: link
Review by: quietearth
Rating: 7 out of 10

I was pleasantly surprised watching this film. I wasn't looking forward to it and walking in I was expecting to be writing a bad review. Thankfully I was wrong. This was a great little film, and by little I mean a tight storyline which kept a steady pace the entire film, providing plenty of laughs. I'd call it a monster film or a creature feature, something you could watch with your friends. It had hot chicks, melodramatic acting, and plenty of fights. In short, it was a crowd pleaser.

The story revolves around Jack whose family was killed by a monster while camping as a kid. He ran away and as a result has a serious agression problem, getting mad at the drop of a hat. He's now grown up, and the whole film is interspersed with visits to his shrink, where he usually ends up storming out after describing some situation that made him lose his temper. This childhood trauma is a setup for the coming battle, based on an ancient evil which comes alive through a series of loosely connected events.

Jack is also taking a nighttime science class, and while the details are a bit fuzzy, it's filled with good looking women, one of them an overbearing broad named Eve who is his girlfriend. He's not exactly sure if he hates her, or if it's just himself, but he has eyes for another girl, while some hash-smoking hippie aggressively pursues Eve. This side storyline is heavily overdramatic and plays well even though it's simplistic and predictable.

I don't think the trailer does the film justice, and while it was simple and has nothing new, it's a great story and the monster effects are on par with great PG-13 horror flicks from the 80s. You could watch this with your teenagers, although I wouldn't show it to kids as there is some proboscis insertion. I'd recommend Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, but watch it with a group for maximum enjoyment.

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agentorange (13 years ago) Reply

You already know this but I've really been looking forward to this one so I'm glad to hear it was as fun as I've heard.


projectcyclops (13 years ago) Reply

It took it's time to actually get to any 'monsters' for Jack to fight. At about 60 minutes I began to wonder if there would be any. The last half hour was fun though, also the great line, "One time I couldn't get this bottle open so I smashed it over my own head... and that doesn't even make sense!".


marc (13 years ago) Reply

DUDE, THIS MOVIE ROCKED! Sequel is gonna be da shit!


AKASH MEHARA (12 years ago) Reply


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