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quietearth [Celluloid 06.24.08] movie news action

Yeah, it cops the Bond intro sequence right down to the whirling tunnel, and to boot, the other poster looks pretty fruity, having the lead in some type of sitting split, but whatever, it's still cool. Skedded for an August release, Dachimawa Lee is a Korean spy flick from the Ryoo brothers. "Under Japanese imperialism, Korean national treasure Golden Buddha is stolen. The interim government appoints legendary Korean spy Agent Lee to recover the fabled statue and reveal the dark plot behind the theft. The first attempted recovery operation fails miserably, loosing both the statue and a sexy partner. Agent Lee discovers that the failure was an inside job and fueled by rage of revenge, he must face off with the shadowy figure behind the plot on the snowy field of Switzerland where the statue is believed to be hidden." Teaser after the break.

via KFC Cinema

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