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We've been waiting on news of this film for ages now, and it turns out that reports of the film being pretty bad might actually be true. Why? It's getting a screening at the San Diego Comic Con and Ron Perlman told reporters that they'll be asking fans "how to make it better". "We're trying to get [it] to the marketplace," Perlman said in a group interview in Beverly Hills, Calif., on June 30 while promoting Hellboy II: The Golden Army. "In fact, we're going to have a screening of it at Comic-Con [in San Diego on July 26] and allow the fans to sort of have their input as to what the movie does well and what it needs work on." All I can say is wow. Perlman and co-star Thomas Jane will be hosting the screening with the object of "trying to build a fan base for the movie from the ground up". Damn, it's already got a fan base! Send me a bloody copy, I'll give you some input! For those who've missed the story of this long-awaited epic, The Mutant Chornicles is set in a futuristic corporate-controlled earth where battle rages, and when an errant shell destroys a stone seal, all hell literally breaks loose as millions of mutants are unleashed destroying everything in their path. Perlman plays brother Samuel, the leader of a monastic order who holds the chronicles which foretell all of this, and he recruits a bunch of soldiers to journey deep into the earth and save the day. While there's still no trailer, we have the promo reel and a link to multiple stills after the break.

Stills for The Mutant Chronicles

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soma (14 years ago) Reply

QE. Get your ass down there and tell them what's what.


quietearth (14 years ago) Reply

I wish, cyberhal is looking into getting press credentials so hopefully he can go (but it's sold out).

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