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quietearth [Celluloid 07.15.08] movie news horror

While we eagerly await the next Coffin Joe flick Embodiment of Evil comes word from our friend the Gomorrahizer that the next one is currently in development and will be the first in English! Yes, it will be directed by the master of Brazilian horror, José Mojica Marins. From the website: This project will bring to the international screens the idiosyncratic
character Zé do Caixão, known in the English speaking world as Coffin
Joe, infamous undertaker created by the iconic Master of Brazilian
Horror, Director Mojica Marins.
Read on for more details.

"Mojica Marins is regarded as one of the few auteurs of horror" Kamera
Oculta. Director of over forty films during the 60's and 70's, Mojica
was one of the most censored artists in Brazil. Known for one creation
in particular: the character Zé do Caixão an evil sadistically cruel
torturer, characterized by his sartorial style trade mark: black cape,
top hat and displaying the longer curling nails anyone has seen!

Zé do Caixão is an unstoppable invocation of an evil ego run riot,
preacher of the masses, and Anti Christ - notwithstanding feverishly
afflicted by moral issues concerning the meaning of good and evil, a
true poet of horror.

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