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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.22.08] movie news horror comic

Wow, Red 5 Comics is certainly on a roll! Following the news that Relativity and Tobey Maguire picked up their amazing PA comic Afterburn, comes word that the rights to their newly released Zombies of Mass Destruction (or ZMD) has been picked up by Benderspink (The Ruins, Insanitarium). The comic is the brainchild of Underworld scribe Kevin Grevioux and has been embraced by Zombie fans as an epic work that puts a interesting Romero-esque military spin on the standard zombie mythology. Here's how Red 5 describes the comic; Air-dropped into the deadliest hot zones, the walking dead of "ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction" indiscriminately infect every last warring insurgent -- on either side of the conflict. Specifically engineered to be photosensitive, once enemy infection becomes complete by dawn, both the originals and newly created zombies dissolve as a means to control widespread and accidental zombification. This allows live soldiers to enter and safely occupy the now-combatant-free territory. However, this plan takes a deadly turn when one of the U.S. zombies, dubbed -- Zombie Zero -- fails to dissolve at the expected time, and begins to wreak havoc in the Middle East by creating others like him. This leads the U.S. military brass to send in a special operative to quietly take out Zombie Zero and his minions before their existence becomes known to the rest of the world. Nice. It would appear that there's definitely no shortage of Zombie mayhem on the Hollywood horizon.

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