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quietearth [Celluloid 08.22.08] zombies movie apocalyptic news horror

I can't tell based on the synopsis if this falls under post apocalyptic, so for the time being we'll go with "while the apocalypse is going down". Directed by Marc Robert, Able seems to be a hybrid tale of loss and evolution. What that evolution is, I don't know. Maybe zombies 28 Days Later style? "A fast-spreading epidemic of progressive paralysis has stricken Berlin, killing most of the city's inhabitants in a matter of days. Trapped within their own bodies, the paralysis spreading from limb to limb, the remaining survivors are isolated and dying--except for a few. Those few who can still walk may be more deadly than the epidemic itself. Benny Berg seeks to save his father, Ivo. Partially crippled Katrin is stalked by someone who wants to kill her--or worse. Almost incapacitated, Marieke drowns herself. Meat cleaver in hand, Niko grows increasingly frustrated with her "dead" limbs. Rudi suddenly finds Berlin ripe for the taking. Pastor Bernhard preaches to a spastic flock of parishioners. And Captain Hofler firmly believes the military is coming--but to incinerate everyone." Trailer after the break!

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