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Mathew Riley [Film Festival 08.25.08] post apocalyptic movie news comedy thriller

Bit of an exclusive at the last night of London's Frightfest as Charlie Brooker introduced 2 minutes of footage from E4's much-rumoured Dead Set. The premise: the zombies have taken over and what better place than the Big Brother House to hold out against the zed hordes? Trouble is, the contestants are unaware anything's gone awry in the outside world. An aerial shot shows fast-running zeds gathering outside the set gates. Inside the house, the usual, purposefully mis-matched rabble argue with a runner from the Big Brother crew who's forced her way into the house. The contestants stand around and watch her uncertainly as she presses her face up aginst the one-way mirror that surrounds the living area. Directly on the other side of the mirror an evil looking zed stares back (see still); he's trapped in the camera run used to film the interior of the house. The contestants think she's a plant, and a mentally-ill one at that. Then the macho-muscle dude in a pink t-shirt decides that there is nothing behind the mirrors and threatens to open the door - cue heated arguments, all in perfect character and tone of the show. He opens the door and after a dramatic pause to up the tension, (just like the eviction announcements), the zed bursts through and all hell breaks out. Cue mass scrabbling and rolling around on the floor trying to avoid being bitten and the like. The runner ends the contestants' first encounter with the aid of a fire extinguisher to the head, several times, and once more for luck. Very explicit and convincing gore indeed, and Brooker seemed fairly confident that what we saw at Frightfest is what we'll all see on our screens in October. Cannot wait.

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projectcyclops (14 years ago) Reply

This is going to rule. I can't wait!


soma (14 years ago) Reply

right people. We have to get on this film as zombies... Any ideas????


grumpymouth (14 years ago) Reply

Ha! I WAS a zombie on this film! You can see me running down the hill trying not to slip on my ass...good times indeed!

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