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quietearth [Celluloid 09.08.08] movie news noir crime

I've been clocking this colorful pastiche of film for some time now, and the boys over at Twitch just got their hands on the full trailer. To boot, as part of our Fantastic Fest coverage we'll be bringing you a review, and really, you want to check this out. "The Coop Brothers are in trouble. Roy Coop has just finished serving Uncle Sam and he’s come home to find his brother, Dale Coop, nowhere to be found and he’s left a lot of angry men looking for him. Meanwhile, in the wild west, Dale Coop is finding himself caught up in a crime spree under the manic tutelage of Mad Dog Mantee. Along the way we will meet a vaudeville pair of thugs named Teddy, an eastern European fem fatale named Bebe, a yellow bellied crook named Rooster Union, and we’ll enter the surreal world of the Pawn Daddy Pawn shop. South of Heaven is a cinephile’s dream: A mix of film noir, Spaghetti Western, and Pee Wee’s Playhouse. The characters are unique, the world obscure, and the colors vivid." Trailer after the break.

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