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Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 09.12.08] Tuvalu news scifi video

Two more behind the scenes clips have appeared for AMC's remake of The Prisoner. In the first one, prop master Egbert Kruger explains how the show will retain a retro 60s charm, while presenting us with technology far beyond what we have today (ie. the worm cam). The second features the show's production Designer Michael Pickwoad, who discusses designing and building "The Village," the mysterious and iconic place where Number 6 is held prisoner by an unknown enemy. In case you couldn't tell I'm extremely excited about this show in fact I'd say that, besides the BBC's remake of Survivors, it's at the very top of my must see list. The six one-hour episodes of The Prisoner are skedded to run sometime in 2009. For more behind the scenes treats from The Prisoner click here.

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Amphigorey (13 years ago) Reply

Considering what room rates at Portmeirion are going for, it's probably cheaper to rebuild The Village than shoot there. lol.

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