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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.06.08] post apocalyptic movie news scifi

Man, Wynter Dark just keeps looking better and better! I can't wait till we get to report that the cameras have started to roll on this one. It wasn't much more than a week ago that we brought you those awe inspiring images of human vs. Polar Bear fury, and now we've got this - an epic scene of nautical pilgrimage? Exploration? Warfare? Whatever it is it's got me excited. There are a couple things you should note when viewing the image below. For one thing the ships, which look to be aircraft carriers, appear to have sails and are obviously running on steam-power. There's also the bird. Are carrier pigeons being used in place of electronic communication in this post-apocalyptic world? We also got our hands on a concept teaser which explains the ice aged post apocalyptic world and we have it embedded after the break! Click through to see the image in question, read a few more updates on the production and watch the production teaser.

What follows is a portion of a Q&A with the productions creative director Pete Ford.

Q. Is this going to be a steam punk genre movie?
A. No. But... due to the nature of the apocalypse that befalls Earth steam is the alternate power that drives industry - steam punk as a genre is not used in the film.

Q. What's the deal with the Bears - do they talk, are they like the Golden Compass bears?
A. They are weapons of war - Golden Compass can go to hell (the movie version)

Q. When we going to see it?
A. This is a project that is "in development". The script is undergoing a polish and that we should be in position to announce some big casting news soon.

Once again, thanks to Wraith for keeping us in the loop on this one.

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xl00zz (13 years ago) Reply

Nothing against the concept, sounds like it will be a great "climate warning" movie like "The Day After Tomorrow", but being an eletron, when conductors of any kind get colder they usually tend to conduct better i.e. "superconductors". Try to keep some science true in SCI-FI. Greg Bear is good for it.


Arkadiya (11 years ago) Reply

It's scientific correct. Who talked about superconductors? the movie informed that communications were down and non-functional. polar reversion and the effect of solar radiation knocks out satellites and most of the electrical systems. That is a scientific fact.
Good luck with the movie, by the way.

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