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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.09.08] post apocalyptic movie news

It's been a while since we've brought you any news of John Hillcoat's The Road (last update was September 2, 2008 but who's counting heh), so I thought I'd regale you all with some behind the scenes pictures that were taken during the filming of one of the most crucial and suspenseful scenes in the movie. Those of you who've read the book will no doubt remember the scene I'm talking about; the one where The Man and The Boy explore a seemingly empty manor only to find that it's occupied by, well let's just say, those of less than acceptable eating habits... okay fine, they're cannibals.

The photos are from the personal collection of actor Jeremy Ambler (shown to the right) who was lucky enough to play one of the unfortunate "people in the cellar." One thing I can say about the crew of The Road is that everyone seems in desperate need of a toothbrush. I also manged to track down the film's official website. There's nothing on it but a splash page right now but, considering the film opens wide in just over a month, I expect to see some activity on it soon.

The Fanker Mansion (cannibal house)

Ambler with Kodi Smit-McPhee

Ambler and Viggo

Cannibal victims: They seem like a happy lot

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JOEL (13 years ago) Reply

AWESOME, hopefully this is the start of a lot of news to come


Russ (13 years ago) Reply

Aww Man Hillcoat is gonna nail it!


Brad (13 years ago) Reply

Thank You! Thank You! for posting this. Anything at all you can find on this production please do share. I loved the book and Im glad to see the film has captured the images I think many of us built in our heads when we read it.


BarbarPappa (13 years ago) Reply

Say what? The Road opens in just a month?? I thought this would be out next year or something.

There's not even a teaser out yet.. :S


Nena (13 years ago) Reply

My expectations on this movie are humongous!!


Wilcoy (13 years ago) Reply

Dang, they look like the cellar people I imagined reading the book. That scene done right I think is going to be real creepy.


brian (13 years ago) Reply

BOOOOOO to the movie's release being postponed to early 2009, because I want to see it NOW. But YAY to the fact that the filmmakers are glad they have more time. Make it a masterpiece, guys!


ubuntux (12 years ago) Reply

I watched it yesterday and it was great
I guess it likes the Apocalypse that was at end of Dinosaur age ,maybe Dinosaurs were destroyed therefor starvation so this movie got the same story but it happened to the human-beings ,due to lack of foods they eat each other (Cannibalism)no plant ,no other animal ,sun covered by ash ,all are dying

like this incident might be happen in future due to ecological change but not soon

I guess the prophecy of 2012 may be like that one or not who knows.?

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