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quietearth [Celluloid 10.18.08] zombies news short

Clocking in at 50 minutes, the trailer for Valley of the dead showcases some great photography and incredible zombie scenes, but sadly, it looks like it might be hampered by too much military nonsense to make it viable.

"The movie takes place in the year 2015, a few years after a zombie outbreak. Lieutenant Drake Morris, one of the central characters, steals something vital to the survival of mankind. A containment unit of soldiers has been ordered blindly to find Morris, unsure of what they’ll find when and if they do."

The film is written and directed by Aditya Ashok and Evan Sorlien. Trailer after the break.

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filmlyfe (13 years ago) Reply

Ah common dont knock the military Zombie stuff. This is a little cheesy though. I think theres actually another trailer for this on youtube that Ive stumbled across awhile back. (I recognize one of the actors)


rek (13 years ago) Reply

Cheesy dialogue. "Tomorrow I depart this valley"? Nobody in the history of English has ever said that. It's right up there with "there seems to be an event happening".

When will zombie-hunters learn that every bullet you fire attracts more zombies, and eventually you'll run out of bullets but by then you'll be over-reliant on the gun and surrounded or cornered.

And you mean "come on", filmlyfe.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Thanks professor. I was not harping on the dialogue aspect as I agree its bad really bad. I meant dont look at having the military aspect as abad thing. Sure guns will attract more infected but if they were to move after firefight quickly you could get away. The trick would be not being in one spot for too long. Im guessing engaging infected in hand to hand combat or with blunt objects wouldnt be much less risky. In a PA world if there is no operatiing military there definitly would be cut off squads or militias. My guess is they wont be throwing down there weapons. The problem is these crappy cheesy zombie movies keep getting made becasue its one of the few genres in which if your movie sucks you can say that you "did it on purpose" and some ammount of people will check it out.

Yes I did mean come on and Im sure that was obvious. No real need to be proof reading others posts.


Scorsese_on_coke (13 years ago) Reply

I saw this movie... it was amazing! This is like the best student quality zombie movie I've ever seen. Some scenes were legit! Seriously, I hope they release it on dvd soon cause i'm picking up a copy.


Lucarious (13 years ago) Reply

To the haters,
You are writing a review for the film based on a trailer? I caught a screening back in March and I was pleasantly surprised, shocked and impressed by this production.

-Vibrant color scheme & gritty locales
-Amazing hand held camerawork - get these guys to run cameras for the next Bourne film!
- Excellent editing - Fast paced, contemporary and fitting.
-Good set pieces - The action scenes deliver...especially after a lot of dialogue scenes during the 2nd act of the film.
-Nice build up to key scenes
-Suspense over Surprise (many films fail to do that.
-A great job working around the cheesy aspect of zombies; they are simply referred to as Infected.
-Cool costumes!
-Minimal Military handles the military arc well and never gets overshadowed by military language. The scene is the trailer with the "Protocol" line is probably my favorite scene in the movie!!!

-Reminded me of 28 days later, except with more testosterone. Not a bad thing, but I can see how others can hold that against the film.
-Some shots & key scenes are repeated for dramatic effect (filtered flashback scenes)...almost a tad too much but nothing beats the annoying editing from"Vantage Point"!
-There are 2 kinds of zombies..err..i mean infected in the film - Slow moving and Running ones. The runners are the best :)the slow ones make good cannon fodder and are used in slower scenes.
-Opening credits dragged on longer than they should have. However, the movie got better with every passing second (Team securing the abandoned house was exciting and well crafted).
-Some dialogues were a bit off but its to be expected.Decent overall - it gets the job done plus more.
- The rogue soldier they are after (Morris) could have used a cool action scene. However, the approach taken by the directors works as they still managed to inject that level of cool that eventually become associated with the character. But I still want my action scene!!!
-Although a stand-alone film, I felt it could have used a prelude or a supplementary short explaining some of the back story. Sequel anyone?
-SPOILER!!!- The last surviving soldier...they could do a cool spinoff!
-Should have taken Q $ A after the screening; I need tips from these guys!

At a runtime of 50 minutes...this was a class act by a bunch of student film-makers. Why dont you watch the film sometime, then write a review and dedicate a page for its criticism? All you "intellectuals" are getting too ahead of yourselves with your assumptions. 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars. This doesn't even look like a student film at first, which is why i rated it over 4 stars..


I've sent a message to the producer/youtube account holder responsible for the trailer regarding DVD Copies. Maybe all the critics on this page should do the same and get yourself a screener so you can write a proper review?


Cheese-whiz99 (13 years ago) Reply

Good review Lucarious! I can definetly tell you know what your talking about when it comes to film. I want to see this shit!!


Your mom (12 years ago) Reply

Zombie movies movies are supposed to be a little cheesy it ads a little bit of comedy surrounding the dark atmosphere of the subject matter

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