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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.24.08] movie trailer news horror

I have to admit that, before this trailer dropped, the concept of The Children was more impressive than the teasers and images that were coming out for it. They were plentiful maybe, but they showed us so little about the plot that I had even begun to fear that Shankland and Williams were perhaps pulling our legs a little bit and The Children would end up being some sort of viral prank.

Thankfully, the ghouls and boils over at Dread Central pointed us towards this great full trailer for the film and all my fears have been laid to rest. Now, I think it looks great. Everything from the lighting to acting is handled so naturally that I think when the horror hits it'll seem that much more believable. Because, making these terrifying tots scary will be tricky I think. The film drops into UK cinemas on December 5th.

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