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quietearth [Celluloid 10.28.08] movie apocalyptic news horror

We reported on this back in June and the project sounded awesome although we only had a few stills. Well it's got a new tagline: "It's no longer just the climate that's changing." and the teaser has been completed and is screening at fests and also AFM, but even better, it'll be available online mid-November!

"A vengeful nature has unleashed a powerful virus from the world’s diminishing rainforests. Transmitted through air and touch, the virus physically assaults the doomed infected, violently twisting their bodies into strange intolerable shapes. Within weeks of the first reported outbreaks, the members of an elite Catholic boarding school on a remote island lose communication with the outside world. Facing the terrible possibility of the end of the world, they begin to struggle amongst themselves. The virus hits and they realize they were wrong. Civilization isn’t ending. Only the adults are dying."

Check after the break for higher res artwork.

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