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quietearth [Celluloid 11.14.08] movie news drama

For those who don't know of Jesco White, he's known as the "Dancing Outlaw", an acclaimed mountan dancer from the Appalachian region whose been the subject of two documentaries and whose fought depression, drug addiction, and poverty as much of the Appalachian region does. He's become pretty famous, and now a full feature has been shot about his life and I have to say the photography looks stunning and the storyline sounds fantastic.

"deep in the heart of the appalachian mountains in west virginia, where every man owns a gun and a moonshine still, in a battered trailer, abides living legend jesco white, "the dancing outlaw".

as a boy jesco was in and out of reform school and the insane asylum for taking drugs, stealing lighter fluid and for his wild behavior. to keep him out of trouble, his daddy d-ray taught him the art of mountain dancing - a frenzied version of tap dancing to wild country banjo music. after his daddy's murder at the hands of a pair of drunken rednecks, the crazy but charismatic jesco put on his daddy's shoes and danced his way round the bars of the county where he met the love of his life, cilla, who happened to be twice his age and half his height. the odd couple tried to settle down but tortured by the thought of his daddy's killers still at large, jesco's demons resurfaced. this is his story."

Unfortunately there's no footage available yet, but we do have a gallery after the break to give you a taste.

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ww1250 (11 years ago) Reply

the movie was 98% untrue, Jesco was a theif and a coward, my brother Steve shot all three, Dray, Jessy and Dorsey, how come they didnt show em digging up graves and stealing the jewelry from the dead people, and shooting people!,,,, what a joke, Jesco never won a fight in his life, I know these people personaly, this show is all wrong

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