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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.20.08] movie trailer news scifi horror

In case you missed it, everyone's been talking about the fact that the gang who did Greenside have been given a budget and some resources to make a feature called Infected. Well we tracked down the first trailer from Epic Pictures group and we gotta say it's looking pretty darn sweet.

"After losing contact with its researchers on a remote island, a military corporation hires a group of scientists and soldiers to find out what went wrong. But when they arrive, the team quickly discovers that the weapons testing performed on the island has unleashed and powerful and deadly entity that will stop at nothing to destroy them all."

Check out the footage after the break and pay close attention at 1:13.. is that the Lost smoke monster?

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Phoebe (13 years ago) Reply

Sure does look like the smoke monster, yup.


kadath (13 years ago) Reply

The acting in this looks absolutely horrible.


Bob (13 years ago) Reply

Yeah, whoa, that's some serious LOST spookiness, without all that amazing acting to bog it down.

But you know, sometimes, a little clunky delivery just adds to a film's overall cultishness. here's hoping.


scifi lover (13 years ago) Reply

This looks really cool! I hope the movie is as good as the promo! Where did this film come from?


SciFan (13 years ago) Reply

I don't know ... bad acting, unoriginal concept, I'll stay home and watch Lost. Thanks for playing.


Skkarum (13 years ago) Reply

It reminds me of the novel Prey... looks interesting

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