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quietearth [Celluloid 12.08.08] movie news horror

The trailer just dropped for Pearry's next feature and we got first dibs! I must say, it's looking mighty purty. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this.

Necromentia tells the stories of 3 men whose lives have been turned over by the existence of a tattooed Ouija Board and the gateways they open with it. Hagen is a strange character who keeps the corpse of his lover in his house, believing that one day she will come back from the dead. But when he meets a mysterious man named Travis, he soon learns that maybe he could be the one who goes into hell and bring her back from the dead. Once Travis carves the Ouija Board from his back, there is no going back as Hagen comes face to face with the monstrosities of the creatures within hell. But does Travis really want to help Hagen, or does he have other plans?

High rez trailer after the break!

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Hot Fuzz (14 years ago) Reply

Wow what a haunting vision. This looks incredible!


trogen (14 years ago) Reply

cant wait for this!


Pat (14 years ago) Reply

looks awesome, but the characters sound like anti heroes, so is there going to be any other perspective narrative wise? or we just following a bad guy, trying to stay alive? but no matter what the story is, it looks fantastic.


Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

That is some fucking gory shit


Rolli (14 years ago) Reply

I hope it's better than "THE GENE GENERATION".


entizari (14 years ago) Reply

looks like it's got potential,
but like Rolli, I hope it's more interesting than THE GENE GENERATION.
it was great for an indie first feature, but I personally found it dull and incredibly derivative. and it had some horribly wooden acting.
though unlike some, I had absolutely no problem with the CG. there've been many a Hollywood film with worse looking CG than TGG.


Ozzu (14 years ago) Reply



mangajayce (13 years ago) Reply

Where in the goddamn hell can I see this RIGHT NOW?!


sazzz (12 years ago) Reply

WOW! this looks f****** awesome! idk if i wanna see it O___O


tarryn hoff (12 years ago) Reply

it's available for rental at redbox, i just rented a copy today, can't wait to fucking watch this goddamn shit!

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