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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.30.09] movie trailer news action

Having not yet seen the first installment I'm coming to the Crows Zero saga a little late in the game but based on this new trailer for Takashi Miike's upcoming sequel to the first popular Crows Zero, I'm definitely thinking about tracking down the first one and catching up quick. I do know it's based on a Manga but that's about it.

I suppose I'll just leave it at that then and let you take in all the high school gang warfare and head bashing after the break. Thanks to 24fps for the heads up.

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pillsbarrydoeboy (13 years ago) Reply

The first one is definatly worth checking out. I can't wait till this ones out!


Pat (13 years ago) Reply

i did watch the first one and wasnt majorly impressed though i did enjoy it. the trailer for the 2nd part looks alright, better than yatterman and the other stuff he's been doing the last few months anyway...

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