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quietearth [Celluloid 02.11.09] movie news thriller mystery

When I saw that Todd over at Twitch mention Kaifeck Murder was the best film he'd seen yet at the European Film Market I was quite happy, and even happier so with his review. When I saw this film announced last year I was immediately intrigued, and after checking out Esther's previous work I got kind of excited. I proceeded to look for an English subbed copy of and after many emails, all I had was an offer of a German copy which really does me no good. So there it lay, until now. From the trailer, Kaifeck Murder looks like it straddles the line of both mystery and horror and I'm pretty excited to see it.

A job brings the photographer Marc to the remote and mysterious village of Kaifeck, Bavaria, when he feels a weird connection to a tale of gruesome murders on a nearby farm in 1922...

Trailer after the break. via

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agentorange (11 years ago) Reply

That looks fantastic. Hopefully a subbed trailer will happen along soon though so we can get a better sense of the story and characters.


Pat (11 years ago) Reply

Narrator: In 1922 a gruesome murder terrified the whole of germany. Hinter Kaifeck [The Kaifeck Murder] - the most mysterious murder case in german history is still unsolved.

Where's that picture of the cottage?
-What cottage?
It was still hanging there yesterday! That old cottage in the forest...
- I dont know what you are talking about!

Girl: The Gruber cottage? You cant go there! The devil lives there!

PRIEST: -It's an unholy place! Stay away from it!

I am always dreaming about this cottage in the forest...

I know you could give me some answers...why arent you talking to me??

Girl: You are really getting too worked up about this!

You are all in this together!!

A secret that wants to stay burried..and thus knows no mercy.

HINTER KAIFECK. [The Kaifeck Murder]

one should let bygones be bygones.


gdfl1981 (10 years ago) Reply

can anybody give me esther's mail adress? thank you every one

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