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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.17.09] movie trailer news horror

Back in the 60s and 70s (and some would probably argue today), many production houses took high-concept low-budget genre films and sold them to drive-in audiences based on posters that were twice as dynamic and exciting as the films could ever be. Consequently, many of those films went on to languish in obscurity while their poster art is now considered just that, Art. Point is, I think Crawler might fit into this category. I LOVE the poster but am only mildly intrigued by the film's new trailer which seems to plod along as slowly as a bulldozer. The concept is crazy fun though.

A construction crew is trying to solve a mystery about their bulldozer, which appears to have a mind of its own - and an insatiable hate for the human race. They are soon to discover that the heavy machinery is in fact a shape-shifting lifeform that mimics and inherits the characteristics of its surroundings.

Trailer after the break.


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Iaan (12 years ago) Reply



Guy (12 years ago) Reply

Wow! That poster is more than beautiful... This Donald Caron illustrator is so talented!!!!!! The light feels so real!!!!!

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