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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.19.09] post apocalyptic movie news poster gallery

Okay so before you all fall into the same trap I did and get all excited about the prospects of seeing a new post-apocalyptic film called New Dawn starring Tom Selleck, let me state right now that these posters are for a film that does not exist and probably never will. They were designed by Simon Page, a property financier by day who just happens to be an amazing designer by night... are you paying attention movie studio guys.

The posters were created for a photoshop competition. They are all for a fictitious film called New Dawn and Page gave each of them a synopsis, my favorite of which is below:

humans across the world are struck with a deadly flu virus which is unstoppable. A group of scientist who have an underground research lab, which was designed for evacuation as a nuclear bunker, decide to go there and lock themselves away knowing it is there only hope of survival. 20 years later, now running low on food and having had no contact with the outside world. they decide to venture outside - not knowing what to expect.

You can see 10 of Page's posters after the break but be sure to check out his personal web page here. He's certainly a talented dude so here's hoping he'll be designing our movie posters sometime in the future.

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soma (12 years ago) Reply

wow. this looks serious. I like it


Simon Page (12 years ago) Reply

Sweet post dude and glad you like my movie poster designs.

The competition was a lot of fun and I did get a bit carried away I have to say.

I have had a couple of offers for designs off this but no blockbusters yet!

All the best
ps this site is so awesome can't believe I haven't head of it before!


filmlyfe (12 years ago) Reply

Amazing work Simon. Really great stuff.


mungkey (12 years ago) Reply

very cool stuff man.

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